LeBron James: Q Rating Scores Him a L-O-S-E-R

Bob StewartContributor ISeptember 16, 2010

Now what ... "Just Say Screw It?"
Now what ... "Just Say Screw It?"Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Now you may ask yourself, what in the world is this idiot talking about?

I'm talking about the fact that LeBron stepped on his own ... credibility.

Not to mention he dumped all over his future earnings as a product marketer's dream.

As they say in the trade, LeBron's "Q" has hit the skids and literally take a dump.

Below are the key numbers from  Marketing Evaluations, Inc. The Q Scores Company:



January 2010: Lebron's positive Q was 24 compared to a negative Q rating of 22.

September: Lebron's positive Q is 14 compared to a negative Q rating of 39.

Oh sure, you'll say that after winning a few games with the Heat it will make things look a lot different.

Since “The Decision” I say LeBron has only two chances to overcome this serious downward slide in the public's perception that his actions were nothing more nor less than those of a selfish petulant over-pampered sports personality.

And those two chances are ... slim and none.

Bob Stewart