NBA Primetime's 2010-11 Official Fantasy NBA Draft Guide

Brandon RibakSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2010

NBA Primetime's owner, Brandon Ribak, and a few staff writers came together to create the ultimate fantasy NBA draft guide for all of you fantasy basketball fans out there.

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NBA Primetime’s Top 100 Fantasy Players for the 2010-11 Season can be viewed here

NBA Primetime’s Top 10 Centers for the 2010-11 Season

1. Dwight Howard – Magic [Age: 24] [Ht: 6’11”] [Wt: 265] [NBAPT Rank: 1]

Projected 2010-2011 stats19.413.



Outlook: Howard has been an absolutely dominant fantasy center since entering the league in 2004, averaging a double-double every season in the pros. His points declined a little last season, but his blocks and boards stayed about the same and his field goal percent went up. He’s a shoe-in for 18+, 13+, 2.5+ blocks and a field goal percent close to 60.

2. Pau Gasol – Lakers [Age: 30] [Ht: 7’0”] [Wt: 250] [NBAPT Rank: 2]

Projected 2010-2011 stats19.

Outlook: Gasol shined in postseason last year, making many people believe he’s the best big man in the game. He’s been extremely effective since coming to LA in 2007, and there’s no reason to think that will change next year. Howard remains ahead of him because of blocks, but Gasol should be the second center off the board in most leagues.

3. Brook Lopez – Nets [Age: 22] [Ht: 7’0”] [Wt: 265] [NBAPT Rank: 3]

Projected 2010-2011 stats20.

Outlook: Lopez burst out onto the scene with a miserable Nets squad last season, averaging close to 19 and nine, has become the second best pure center behind Dwight Howard who, frankly, he isn’t too far behind fantasy wise. He’s slated for a big year, but if Devin Harris can get back to where he was two years ago, he really could be a top 10 fantasy player.

4. Amar’e Stoudemire – Knicks [Age: 27] [Ht: 6’10”] [Wt: 249] [NBAPT Rank: 4]

Projected 2010-2011 stats25.

Outlook: As you can see, we think Amar’e is slated for a pretty big season. In his last year with Mike D’Antoni, he averaged 25.2 points, 9.1 boards, and 2.1 blocks; so if he can stay healthy, which is certainly a big if, he should put up pretty similar numbers. That said, he was running pick and rolled with Steve Nash back then, not Raymond Felton.

5. David Lee – Warriors [Age: 27] [Ht: 6’9”] [Wt: 250] [NBAPT Rank: 5]

Projected 2010-2011 stats18.812.

Outlook: Lee played for a terrible Knicks team last season and was able to take all the shots he wanted. That won’t be the case in Golden State, where he has to share the rock with Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, but they still play a D’Antoni-like run-and-gun, no-defense, all-shooting type of game, so he’ll be just fine. He’ll most likely become more of a low-post player now that he’s playing with real guards, which could limit his points but will probably raise his FG percentage, boards, and trips to the line. He’ll have another big year.

6. Chris Bosh – Heat [Age: 26] [Ht: 6’10”] [Wt: 230] [NBAPT Rank: 6]

Projected 2010-2011 stats19.610.

Outlook: The truth is nobody really knows how to predict the numbers for any of Miami’s big three, but we can try. Bosh’s points will certainly go down, but the rest of his numbers should stay the same, with assists going up for obvious reasons. The only real potential drawback of playing for Miami is whether or not there will be a reason for him to be on the floor in the fourth quarter of most games.

7. Andrew Bogut – Bucks [Age: 25] [Ht: 7’0”] [Wt: 260] [NBAPT Rank: 7]

Projected 2010-2011 stats17.

Outlook: Bogut finally broke out of his “bust” shell last season, posting his first really big season. Unfortunately, the injury plague (he’s averaged just over 64 games per season over his career) bit him late in the season and cut his season short. It’s no coincidence that his first big year came with rookie Brandon Jennings as the team’s point guard, and going into Jennings' second season, if Bogut can play around 75 games, he’s a very good alternative option after the big name centers are off the board.

8. Al Jefferson – Jazz [Age: 25] [Ht: 6’10”] [Wt: 265] [NBAPT Rank: 8]

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