Andre Iguodala Brings Gold, Hopefully More, To Philadelphia

Ray BoydContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

Iguodala dribbles past Rudy Fernandez of Spain.
Iguodala dribbles past Rudy Fernandez of Spain.Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Philadelphia 76er Andre Iguodala's international experience was clearly a successful venture. Not only did he make Team USA, he brought home the gold.

Team USA was not exactly favored entering the World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey and for good reason. The USA is notoriously known for sending their "B squad" to the World's in an attempt to save their players for the Olympics.

Many countries view that as a slap in the face and for that reason, the USA is often seen as the team that everyone wants to beat. This mindset seemed to rile up this current group of players, as they appeared to be on a mission to shed their "B squad" reputation.

The 2010 World Champion USA team can certainly be called a redeem team, much like their 2008 predecessors. The USA has failed to bring home the gold in the World Championships since 1994. Along with the gold comes an automatic spot in the 2012 London Olympic Games; the games that will include the "A squad".

Of course, a lot of these players from the 2010 team will be watching from home in 2012. Kevin Durant is clearly a lock for 2012 and might as well start packing now. Not only is he a lock for the London Games, he should've been at the Beijing games as well. This young man is 23 and only getting better. He is clearly one of the top three players in the game. Point guard Derrick Rose also seems to be a safe choice for the 2012 games.

But don't be surprised if another player is there that many may not expect. I think you guys know who I'm talking about: Andre Iguodala. Yes, Iguodala is not the prolific scoring threat that Durant and Rose are, but he was never on Team USA for his scoring. He was there to provide stingy defense and to compliment the run and gun style used by this group.

Iguodala will certainly be considered for the 2012 team and will play a role similar to a Tayshaun Prince or Michael Redd. He will play a few minutes each night, be okay with a limited role, and be willing to do all the little things that the scoring stars will not.

Not only will Iguodala have the chance to bring those skills to London—he will also have the chance to bring them to Philadelphia.

Iguodala will realize that all of the little things that he did to make Team USA successful will be necessities when it comes to making the Sixers a winning team. Coach Doug Collins followed Iguodala intently during the games and there is no doubt that he will tell him to continue doing the little things like getting steals and deflections, rebounds, assists, and being an all around team player.

His international experience will also rub off on young talents like Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner and will make them elevate their games. The three of them have a chance to be a great one-two-three punch for the Sixers down the road, and Andre's trip to Turkey will only accelerate that process.