The Top 10 Statement Dunks For The 2010-2011 NBA Season

TheNBAScoopContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

The Top 10 Statement Dunks For The 2010-2011 NBA Season

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    Every season we witness spectacular dunks. Some more meaningful than others. After a crazy free agency period an influx of sensational throw downs is evident this NBA Season. Deciphering which dunks have more significance than the others is what this list is all about. The following are potential slams that are not only fun to watch but also have a statement behind them.

10.) DeMar DeRozan over Chris Bosh (February 16th)

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    This is DeMar’s chance to prove there is basketball life in Toronto. An alley oop slam by DeRozan over Chris Bosh will excite Toronto Fans and give them some ammunition for the next time CB4 visits the Air Canada Center. 

9.) Shaquille O'Neal Over Dwight Howard (Christmas Day)

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    The old Superman dunking on the new Superman. Dwight may be young and spry but Shaq is old and strong. O’Neal will teach the young center a lesson in cramming when the visit the Magic on Christmas day. 

8.) Hakim Warrick Over Amare Stoudemire (January 7th)

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    “Amare Who?” Is what Suns fans will be saying after Stoudemire gets a taste of his own medicine from Hakim Warrick. Nash will orchestrate a perfect pick and roll with Warrick causing Amare to come late on the help side and end up with a face full of orange. How sweet it is to be playing with Nash.

7.) Kobe Bryant Over Shaquille O'Neal (January 30th)

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    This throw-down by Kobe will be a reminder to Shaq that his lucky number is 4 and Kobe’s lucky number is 5 (if you haven’t picked up that the numbers represent championships.) Shaq has desperately been searching for another title which will make it that much sweeter for Bryant when he crowns the “Big Leprechaun” and whispers in his ear “Shaq, tell me how my ass tastes” as he lands on the court.

6.) Dwight Howard Over The Miami Heat (October 29th)

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    Before Florida was given the “Miami Thrice” Orlando was the team to beat in the state. Dwight Howard will surely take exception to the notion of his Magic being the inferior team. Howard will post a multiple dunk game to show Florida the Magic are a force to be reckoned with. Whether these dunks translate into a win will be determined in late October.

5.) Chris Bosh Over Ed Davis/Amir Johnson (February 16th)

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    This dunk will be symbolic for the Ex-Raptor. It will be quiet and unassuming but deep down it will be a tribute to all of his haters out there, more specifically in Toronto. Ironically enough this dunk will be on one of the power forwards set to replace Bosh. It’s unfair to target Amir Johnson or Ed Davis because they didn’t do anything to deserve it but that’s life in the NBA. Sometimes you get dunked on.

4.) Kevin Durant Over Kobe Bryant (AKA The Lakers, April 10th)

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    With playoff implications on the line Durant will prove to the world that he is the scoring leader of the future. It will act as a “passing of the torch” from Kobe to KD.  By no means am I indicating Durant is a superior player to Bryant but merely a better volume scorer now. Look for Durant to drive down the lane and dunk the ball during a key possession.

3.) Kevin Garnett Over Chris Bosh (Opening Night)

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    KG does not back down to the challenges he faces on the court. Nothing will change when the Miami Heat come to town opening night on October 26th. He will be super intense and ready to prove who the reigning Eastern Conference Champs are. In a highly touted matchup against Chris Bosh Garnett will use some of his bottled up intensity to crown CB4.

2.) LeBron James Over [INSERT CAVALIER PLAYER HERE] (December 2nd)

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    After a summer of people ripping on LBJ’s decision to leave Cleveland this is where James will extract his revenge. LeBron will be pumped up when returning to his old stomping ground and at least one vicious throw down is bound to happen. The preceding question will be which Cav will get posterized, or in modern lingo, Youtubed. 

1.) Kobe Bryant Over LeBron James (Christmas Day)

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    The Heat may have formed a scary new big 3 but the NBA Championship still goes through Kobe and the Lakers. An emphatic dunk by Kobe over LeBron in a future rivalry game would be epic. The dunk will be followed by the “Black Mamba” jutting out his bottom jaw while running back on defence. The game will be followed by a press conference with Bryant saying: “I don’t care what happened in this off-season, I don’t care what happened in Miami, they still gotta come through L.A.”

Honorable Mention) Tracy McGrady Over Anyone (Anytime)

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    A tenacious dunk by T-Mac may be the only way to make people believe he’s got something left in the tank. Right now I am not even confident he can dunk over the ball boy.

Honorable Mention) LeBron James Over Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert

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    Only in LeBron's dreams.