Turkoglu vs. Dragic: Suns Teammates Look to Outshine Each Other at FIBA Worlds

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2010

Hedo Turkoglu defends Suns teammate Goran Dragic in an international basketball game
Hedo Turkoglu defends Suns teammate Goran Dragic in an international basketball gameJasper Juinen/Getty Images

So, after a week of brutal blowouts, we have finally reached the knockout stages of the FIBA World Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Round of 16 has come and gone, but with 55 and 29-point victories by the United States and Slovenia respectively, who really cares.

Now we are down to the quarterfinals, and still many of the usual international basketball suspects remain alive, powerhouses like Spain, Argentina, and the United States are joined by Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, and host nation Turkey.

The United States will be back in action on Thursday against underdog Russia. The other game on Thursday will feature the number one ranked team in the world, Argentina, which will face Lithuania as both teams look to march on to the semi-final round.

However, Wednesday's schedule showcases Ricky Rubio and Spain against Serbia, and arguably one of the most exciting matchups of the tournament when Slovenia takes on Turkey.

On the surface, the Slovenia-Turkey game looks rather passable to most basketball fans. But for Phoenix Suns fans everywhere, it's an exciting and unique matchup not often seen.

Slovenia is lead by Goran Dragic, the Suns' athletic and creative backup point guard who had a coming out party in the 2010 NBA playoffs.

On the other side, host nation Turkey is home to Hedo Turkoglu, a super-gifted point forward recently acquired by the Suns in an offseason trade with the Toronto Raptors.

 For Suns fans, this game will provide a much anticipated look at Hedo Turkoglu and allow for many of those unfamiliar with his talents to see what Phoenix will be working with next season.

Dragic on the other hand, anchors one the league's best benches and continues to improve season after season for the Suns. "Its a fantastic feeling to have made to the quarterfinals of the worlds," said Dragic via Facebook on Tuesday.

If you have no idea who to root for, don't worry, both of these guys will be playing for the same team soon enough.

But before you watch Team USA run circles around Russia, don't miss Slovenia and Turkey Wednesday at 2 pm.

Both of these teams had high expectations coming in to this tournament, but only two things are certain, one nation will fall short tomorrow, and one Sun will set in Turkey.