Kobe Bryant: And The NBA Armageddon Squad

Mario GonzalezCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2010

Kobe Bryant: And The NBA Armageddon Squad

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    Most disaster Films hinge on the premise that the invading force wants to take Earths resources, or to make our planet their new home. These theories have seemed ridiculous to me for some time now, but let's face it, it's cool watching things blow up.

    Let's assume for a moment that we have been invaded by another form of life. They've landed their ships, engaged in communication with us, and have a list of demands.

    What if they had no interest in speaking to our politicians?

    What if they had no desire to bargain with us in any traditional way we were accustomed to?

    What if the only way to decide the World's fate, was with 48 minutes of basketball?

    Absurd? Of course.

    But so is the idea of "giving the Aliens a cold" al'a ID4.

    Now that we're living in every NBA fans dream world, the terms have been set. Our Best VS Their Best for the rights to Earth... or they just destroy us now.

    I have been given the task of assembling this Armageddon Squad that will lead our Planet to Victory, and I assure you they won't let us down.

    Here is the starting five players that I would send out there to save our butts in the ultimate predicament, and of course, their back-up.

C- Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard still has a ways to go with his offensive game, but on this squad he would not be asked to carry the scoring load.

    Howard is the obvious choice to anchor this squad as the last line of defense. His tremendous size and shot blocking ability would give hell to any Alien trying to drive the lane. I also believe that Dwight would realize what was on the line here, and stop all of his giggling nonsense. He would become a much more focused weapon with no other intentions than shutting down the other team.

    Throw down any lob, block any shot, and provide an excellent last line of defense describes Dwight Howard.

PF- Lebron James

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    Something tells me that this would be the only way for Cleveland fans to forgive him.

    I have not been super impressed with Lebron's decision making as of late, but he would be on a short list of phone calls I would make when assembling the Team that would save humanity.

    Lebron James is simply a Beast of an athlete. He is the number one person I would want throwing himself into the lane for circus-shot And One opportunities. James would execute the fast break with extreme prejudice, and punish any specie that attempted to stop him.

    He is also a perfect selection due to his inability to quit on a play. He would save numerous plays with his chase down defense alone.

    While I would tell Lebron to let more accurate shooters handle the jump shots, he would get free reign to bulldoze into the lane at will. His size and sheer athleticism would be a major contributing factor to Earth's win.

SF- Kevin Durant

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    Some would label this decision as a mistake, but there are reasons I'm not choosing Carmelo Anthony to start.

    While Carmelo shares Durant's ability to score at will and in great volume, Durant holds the tie-breaker with his amazing wing span. The length of Duran't arms allow him to be virtually un-blockable on the fade away jumper, and an amazing shot blocking/altering force on the defensive end.

    Durant also has what can only be described as unlimited range. With the shot clock ticking down Kevin has as good a shot as anyone in the world at making the long distance connection.

    Bottom line with Durant is his scoring ability would be a major asset when trying to defeat intergalactic challengers.

Kobe Bryant

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    This man would be my very first phone call.

    It would be extremely redundant to list all the reasons Kobe is such an amazing player, so I'm instead going to pass on that section.

    Kobe Bryan't biggest selling point for me in this situation is his unrivaled desire to win.

    We have all seen how ugly Kobe gets when he plays in the playoffs. Now imagine his intensity in a game where the stakes are this high.

    Bryant would know exactly how and when to attack, he would choose when to be a facilitator, would rally the troops even if it looked as if all hope was lost, and finally, he would take over the game at just the right moment to bring it on home.

    Kobe Bryant has already proved himself to be the best basketball player on earth (at one time or another), so imagine his response to the ability to be the best in the Universe.

    Side Note: Back up Two guards need not apply, as Bryant would most likely refuse being taken out.

PG- Dwyane Wade

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    I went away from the traditional point guard for two reasons.

    Dwyane Wade has exceptional ball handling skills, and there was no way he could be left out of the starting five.

    Wade would be a perfect fit at the one guard position because he has great court vision, and experience at running the point already. With his height, Wade would be a match up nightmare for any reasonably sized extra terrestrial.

    Wade has the speed, the ball handling, and all the right teammates to make him a dynamite point guard in this game. Oh, and he's not a bad shot either...

    Flash also has the ability to make circus-like shots, and long distance connections, making him nearly impossible to cover.

    Some would say Paul, others Nash, I'll take a risk with Flash.

The Bench

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    Although I wouldn't see the bench getting a ton of minutes, they must be included in case anything goes wrong. One of the starters could go cold from the field, or even get injured. These are the players who could step in and fill the void if the worst should happen.

    Carmelo Anthony- Would be able to come in and score at will if Durant should get injured or have a tough run from the field.

    Deron Williams- Should Flash get moved to the two spot at one point or another, Deron would orchestrate the offense to perfection. His size, court vision, and jump shooting ability would serve him well in running the show.

    Brandon Roy- I would not expect Kobe to go out for more than thirty seconds in a game like this, but if he did I would want Roy out there in his place. He has great foot work, and incredible drive to the lane, and the ability to hit impossible looking shots.

    Dirk Nowitzki- If Lebron ever needs to grab some Gatorade in this game, Dirk would go in and provide a more traditional approach to the four spot. Dirk has one of the most balanced offensive games in the league today, and the ability to also gobble up rebounds if inclined to do so.

    Yao Ming- Assuming this is in the near-ish future, we don't know how healthy he would be. If in decent condition though, Yao would provide an amazingly well rounded offensive presence in the post. Earth's squad would lose no momentum on the shot blocking front, and would gain a plethora of offensive striking abilities.