Defying Gravity: Vince Carter's Top 10 Dunks

John Friel@@JohnFtheheatgodAnalyst ISeptember 3, 2010

Defying Gravity: Vince Carter's Top 10 Dunks

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    The slam dunk. It's only worth two points, but it could change the outcome of a game depending on how it is performed and at what time.

    It gets a crowd on its feet, gets a team fired up, and makes this player a Top 10 highlight for the next day and possibly for the rest of NBA history.

    You can argue that players such as Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Julius Erving, and Jason Richardson are all formidable choices as the NBA's best dunkers, but when it came to who threw down the most ferocious, devastating, and intimidating dunks, no one can do it quite like Vince Carter.

    Carter is seemingly impossible to stop when flying through mid-air and has made some of the NBA's best shot blockers feel like changing sports.

    Vinsanity possesses one of the highest vertical leaps at 43'"and has reported to have touched at 12' 6". Carter adds strength and agility to his dunks as well as he can jump quick enough before any shot blocker can even give a thought to block a shot.

    As far as strength goes, just ask Alonzo Mourning what he thinks of Carter's strength.

    You can criticize Carter all you want as a team player, but it is difficult to dispute Vince as the NBA's top dunker in history.

10. Vince Carter Tells Andres Nocioni To Take His Poster Like a Man

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    As we all very well know, Vince Carter can dunk on many people.

    It doesn't matter how good of a shot blocker or defender they are, Carter can just put on the jets and rise over just about anyone.

    When Andres Nocioni got in the way, it was a done deal on another poster for Vince.

    It would have been a much more impressive dunk had Nocioni actually tried to contest the block instead of jumping under Carter right as he elevated.

    After the damage was done, all Andres received was a terrible headache and a large case of embarrassment.

9. Vince Carter Is In It To Spin It

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    Vinsanity showed off a plethora of offensive moves on this dunk as he drove, made an amazing spin move into the paint, and using his astounding vertical leap, dunked one right on the top of Vlade Divac.

    He pretty much took on the entire city of Sacramento in one drive and left Divac and the Kings stunned at what had just happened.

    Kevin Harlan's call only adds to the intensity this dunk delivered.

8. The Signature Windmill

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    Every popular dunker has their signature move. In Vince Carter's case, it's the windmill. He's done it in a number of games and has nailed it to perfection.

    This took place in a charity game where only a spectacle like this could actually happen, but it still looks pretty to windmill an alley-oop off the glass.

7. Tim Duncan a Hall Of Famer? Vince Carter Doesn't Care

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    Tim Duncan is a Hall of Famer through and through. He has four championships and two MVP's and is regarded as one of the top power forward's of all time.

    Carter does not have any of the accolades that Duncan has, but this list is about Vince Carter and his ability to dunk, which Duncan has no say in.

    Timmy was on the wrong end of this poster as Vince only needed one step and a somewhat open lane to rise up and throw one down over Duncan.

    What made it even better was that it appeared Tim was going to attempt to play defense before realizing that Vince Carter was Vince Carter.

6. Vince Carter Still Got It

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    There aren't too many dunks on this list from Vince's time as a member of the New Jersey Nets, as most of his star-studded jams came as a member of the Toronto Raptors.

    With a point guard like Jason Kidd, though, anything is possible. With an open lane and Kidd at the helm, Carter received a pass in mid-air, double pumped, and threw down the alley-oop against his future team.

    Vince hasn't shown much of this with Orlando, but maybe he'll show up for a game against New Jersey and pull off something like this.

5. Toronto Doesn't Like Vince Carter and Vince Carter Returns The Favor

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    Not quite sure how Jose Calderon ended up being the one left to defend Vince Carter with two seconds left in overtime in a tied game at the Air Canada center, but in the end it was Carter making Raptors fans detest him even more.

    I doubt there could have been a worse way to lose a game against your former idol that threw games and gave up by the end of his tenure with your team.

    Toronto will get their revenge someday.

4. Vince Carter Climbs Mt. Mutombo

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    This was a rookie Vince Carter going up against an established shot-blocking machine in Dikembe Mutombo.

    Not only is it impressive because of the fact that he destroyed Mutombo, but it appears that he rose up even after it seemed that he reached his peak.

    Carter is seemingly impossible to block because of his ability to elevate and he showed it off very well in from the start.

    I think Mutombo should have watched more Tar Heel games.

3. Vince Carter vs. Alonzo Mourning: More One-Sided Than You Think.

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    Alonzo Mourning is a big guy. He has established himself as one of the most intimidating shot blockers in the game, but not even he could stop Vince Carter from reaching his preferred summit.

    Mourning will go after just about any slam dunk attempt to try to block it, but Carter is unlike any other player that he has gone against and it showed here as Vince muscled Mourning out of bounds.

    In the end, Mourning never stood a chance.

2. Vince Carter Does What The Clippers Couldn't Do: Excite Fans

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    This is undeniably the greatest alley-oop in NBA history.

    Off a steal, Carter jumps from beyond the dotted line and in the same sequence grabs the ball and slams it down.

    Even though the Clippers were up 90-84, I can bet that was the first time the fans were off their feet and truly stunned at the feat they just saw.

    His hang time and ability to elevate were put on full stage here as Vince ferociously threw one down.

    How can this not be No. 1? I think it's pretty obvious why.

1. Vince Carter Dunks On France

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    This is the greatest moment in USA basketball history. The Dream Team and the Redeem Team were nice and all, but no one on those teams did this.

    Seeing something like this happen in a dunk contest is difficult enough, but this was in a game on the international stage in front of possibly one of the largest audiences in history at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

    The victim is Frederic Weis, a 7'2" French center who was actually taken by the New York Knicks in the 1999 draft after playing four previous years overseas.

    Weis never did step onto an NBA court and it's probably because he didn't want to deal with this again.

    It's appropriately named Le Dunk de la mort which translates to the Dunk of Death as this killed any hope of the French being taken seriously in the Olympics.

    I say this because every game will feature this highlight over and over and over again.

    Much to the pleasure of everyone else aside from France.