LeBron James Possible Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Tool After Scrimmage

Benny VargasAnalyst IAugust 26, 2010

LeBron James, along with a group of Heat players, held a scrimmage against members of the Miami Hurricanes basketball team.

James was accompanied by Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller, Patrick Beverly, and New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul. 

"Just left 'The U' hooping with the team...Great runs! Needed that," read James' Twitter account after the one hour workout session.

James and the rest of the Heat then stayed to take pictures with the UM players.

This could turn into a great recruiting tool for the Hurricanes. Not only can you sell kids on a first-rate education, a beautiful private campus with small class sizes, playing in the ACC or in front of a fairly new on-campus arena, but you can also add playing pick up games with LeBron James to that.

"No question, it's great having those guys here," Miami coach Frank Haith said. "It's a great influence for our players. They're some of the greatest players in the NBA, so it's obviously great for our guys and our program."

If this were to become a trend it would be a huge recruiting chip to possess. Can you imagine how many high school basketball players would love to just once get to say they got to play with LeBron James, Chris Paul or Dwyane Wade?

"Well come on down to Miami and you'll get that chance we have them on campus all the time."

Now it seems the Hurricanes football team is trying to benefit from LeBron's "Decision" too. James was invited to stand on the sideline for any Hurricanes game.  He's also being invited to show off his football skills on Greentree Field.

"You need to come out to the football field and show ur skills for us," Hurricanes defensive back DeMarcus Van Dyke wrote to James on Twitter as news spread of the MVP's visit to campus.

The Hurricanes are wise to warm up to LeBron. Since he went pro right after high school, he really has no collegiate affiliation. I'm sure the Akron Zips wouldn't mind sharing him a bit.

If he were to become a fixture at either Hurricane games or practices, it would only help the University's chances of luring better recruits. Especially in basketball, where Frank Haith could use a few "Blue Chip" prospects.