Boston Celtics: A Void Remains That Needs To Be Filled

John EvansContributor IAugust 26, 2010

Boston Celtics: A Void Remains That Needs To Be Filled

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    After six years of injuries, highlight dunks, questionable plays and pestering defense, Tony Allen has left the Celtics and signed with the Memphis Grizzles. In the last few months of his career as a Celtic, Tony Allen became a key component in the Celtic's playoff run, pestering top players in the league such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade with his defense. Now, with Tony Allen's departure, there is a void on the wing that needs to be filled, here a few more than capable players that can fill that void.(I know that the Celtics resigned Marquis Daniels, but I just don't feel comfortable with him guarding players like Lebron or Kobe during a playoff series)

1) Shane Battier

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    Though Shane Battier may not be as athletic as Tony Allen, he excels in every other area. He's a more experienced and cerebral defender(He created a book on how to guard Kobe Bryant and updated it during the 2009 West Semis against the Lakers, he broke the floor down and specifically figured out what percentage Kobe shot from places like the corner and the wing) and he's more of a threat from long range(a 39% spot-up three-point shooter for his career). Personally, I hope Danny Ainge can find a way of acquiring Battier, he'll fit in nicely with the Celtics defensive schemes and his veteran presence and leadership will be more than welcomed and accepted. 

2) James Posey

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    It's dejavu all over again, remember how much of a big role Posey played in the Celtics 2008 NBA Championship, he pestered and aggravated Kobe Bryant in the Finals and made some key steals and 3-pointers. Even though Posey has gotten older, he's still a good defensive player and can still make that spot-up 3, my only concern is can he still play with the same edge that he's played with his whole career?

    Who knows, maybe Danny Ainge can strike a deal with old teammate and friend, Larry Bird to get Posey back in green & white.

3) Rudy Fernandez

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    Rudy Fernandez is frustrated in Portland and looking for a way out, the Celtics are one of the many teams that are rumored to be in the hunt for Fernandez and are reportedly offering a first round pick. Fernandez is athletic and can be an explosive scorer at times, but what the Celtics require is a wing who is strong defensively and Rudy Fernandez isn't what you would call a premier defender. If Fernandez were to buy into the defensive system of the Celtics and be willing to improve in that area, then I wouldn't be opposed to him in green & white.

4) Wilson Chandler

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    There have been no reports of the Celtics pursuing Wilson Chandler, but this is one option that they should strongly consider. Chandler's young, athletic and a strong defensive player that can score and has a decent 3-point and mid-range shot that is improving, Wilson Chandler would be a more than capable backup for Paul Pierce or Ray Allen.