The Cleveland Cavaliers' Future

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIAugust 26, 2010

Someone told me that Lebron is no longer a Cavalier? Alright, time to move on. Cleveland, you need to forget the fact that the best player in the league no longer sports your jersey. Dan Gilbert is doing a terrible job at this, so it's up to the fans to forget.
The only major changes the depth chart faces is a new small forward, my boy Jamario Moon! Now of course no player will compare to Lebron, but Moon's defense is at par with some of the best in the league. Given enough minutes, Jamario can produce double-digit points and plenty of rebounds. He's a basketball journeyman so no situation is going to catch him off guard.
Another thing that has been a given for Cleveland for the past seven years, the Central is no longer locked up. The Bulls only got better over the off season and to be honest, should win the Central this season. It's going to be a race to make the playoffs too for the Cavaliers. Although, Cavaliers' fans need to realize they still have the majority of the team they had last year minus Lebron and Delonte.

The Anetzberger Verdict will now be opening it's coverage as I will soon be reporting on Real Madrid Baloncesto in the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto. The team is full of rich history and winning tradition. As the Fiba World Championships continue to play on, I put it on myself to pick one European team to cover for an entire season. Real Madrid's list of championships goes on forever and it looks like an interesting team to cover. So on top of covering the Cavaliers, I will also cover Real Madrid, not because I expect failure for Cleveland, but because I'm attempting to open my basketball knowledge. Ya dig??

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