5 Reasons Why LeBron James Is More Talented Than Kobe Bryant

0Contributor IIIAugust 25, 2010

5 Reasons Why LeBron James Is More Talented Than Kobe Bryant

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    The LeBron James-Kobe Bryant who's better debate is one of most heated ones in all of sports. Everyone has their own reasons for why their player is better. Here's my 5 reasons of why LeBron James is more talented than Kobe Bryant.

Lockdown Defense

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    LeBron's chase down blocks aren't his only part of his defensive game. When defending a guy, LeBron can lockdown and play more fundamentally good defense than Kobe Bryant.

Selection of Shots

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    Kobe Bryant goes for tough fadeaways and his field goal percentage was only at .456 last season. LeBron's ability to drive to the rim really makes his selection of shots better which is why his field goal percentage last year was at .503.


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    LeBron James' freakish athleticism really give him an advantage in his game. With his combination of strength and quickness, defenders are really challenged defending against him.

Ability to drive to the hoop

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    Like I mentioned in my last slide, James' combination of strength and speed gives him a huge advantage in driving to the hoop. Kobe Bryant can drive to the rim fairly well but not like LeBron and his ability to take contact.

Basketball IQ

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    LeBron and Kobe are both good passers but LeBron is just better with the ball and giving it to his teammates. In the open fastbreak you can only guess if he's going to give to any of his teammates or just take it himself.

Final Note

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    LeBron and Kobe may be the two best players in this league but they will never be better than Michael Jordan. If you would like to know why than go to this link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/419475-stop-comparing-lebron-and-kobe-to-michael-jordan-theres-no-comparison