Imaginary Match Up: 2010 Miami Heat Vs. 1996 Chicago Bulls

EJ EugenioContributor IAugust 24, 2010

It's always fun to have a chat with a group of friends or perhaps an older relative about rankings, placements, and analysis of NBA teams or players throughout history.

Whether you breakdown if Kobe will surpass Jordan, if the 2004 Detroit Pistons squad could beat the 1987 Los Angeles Lakers in a seven game series or who would you rather have taking the last shot, Robert Horry or Derrik Fisher. It's always a good time. No one is ever right or wrong.

The most talked about and obvious debate in the barber shops these days is the endless argument of who is better, the 2010 Miami Heat or the 1996 Chicago Bulls, thanks in part to the ever so enticing brothers, Jeff and Stan Van Gundy.

Before you throw your entire arsenal of weaponry at me for even discussing such a topic, let's take the time to calmly break this match up down in depth.

The 1996 Bulls are arguably the greatest team of all time, lead by a big three of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. They had possibly the best supporting cast ever with the likes of Ron Harper, Steve Kerr, Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc, and Bill Wennington. Harper, Pippen, and Jordan shutdown the opposing front court like a group of dobermans with Rodman inhaling rebounds and playing great interior defense. Longley and Wennington are often made fun of amongst this group, but they were no slouches, making solid contributions at the center position night in and night out. Steve Kerr came off the bench, with some, who may say, is the best three-point shooter there has ever been.

The 2010 Heat have some people saying this is the most talented group of players the NBA has ever seen, without having stepped on the court even once. The roster is incredible on paper. however, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are possibly the two best players at this moment, excluding one Black Mamba. Chris Bosh is a top-5 big man and they also have a supporting cast that is no joke, as well. The likes of Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Big Z, Eddie House and other key veterans.

So many scenarios could play out if these two teams ever met. Would the Heat push the ball all 48 minutes, would the Bulls be too physical for the newly assembled team, could Lebron be stopped, could Jordan be stopped? Steve Kerr could shoot the lights out, but so can Miller and House. Neither team has a dominant center nor a true point guard, but that is debatable. The Heat could play uptempo with Lebron and Wade unstoppable on the break but could they even control the tempo with the great defense of the Bulls?

The mental drive of Michael. The physical freak that is Lebron. The youtube clip that is Wade. The defense of Pippen. The versatility of Kukoc. The skills of Bosh. The alien that is Rodman. The contributor that is Haslem.

Some are convinced that the Miami Heat are and will be the best team the NBA has seen for years to come.  Others will say without question that Michael Jordan would not let anyone beat him and that his team was the best of all time.


So who wins? Sports fans and history will have to decide that, and that is what makes sports beautiful.