The Philadelphia 76ers' Resurgence from Mediocrity

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The Philadelphia 76ers' Resurgence from Mediocrity
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The 76ers are brand new. They have a new look, a new coach, and a new centerpiece to build a team around. Their stadium even underwent a makeover with a new name, the Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers new lineup is looking to shape up as:

  • C – Elton Brand
  • PF – Thaddeus Young
  • SF – Andre Iguodala
  • SG – Evan Turner
  • PG – Jrue Holiday

The bench rotation:

  • Jason Smith
  • Maureese Speights
  • Jason Kapono
  • Willie Green
  • Louis Williams

Nothing to jump out of your chair about, but definitely something for Sixer fans to be hopeful about. That’s the way I feel about the 76ers' upcoming season in general: nothing spectacular but not the worst.

You might say, "Well that, to me, sounds like mediocrity."

Well, yes, it does. But what makes it a bit more then mediocre is the fact that they now have hope for the future.

The starting lineup has received a fresh makeover, dropping stagnant center Samuel Dalembert and adding a No. 2 overall pick. 

Though the Sixers show some promise, there are still questions surrounding this lineup:

  • Is there more then just potential on this team?
  • Will Elton Brand stay healthy? If he does, how much of an impact will he have?
  • How much will Thaddeus Young improve his game?
  • Will Andre Iguodala accept that his game will have to step up or his role will have to diminish?
  • Will Evan Turner hold on to the rock and how will his adjustment to the NBA work out?
  • Is Jrue Holiday ready to run this offense?
  • How does Doug Collins' coaching style gel with the players?
  • Will all of these pieces fit together to spell success?

These questions, certainly, have no time to linger. The 76er’s tests start early and intensely, as the first game of the season is against LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

The 76ers have been stuck in the pit of mediocrity ever since the 2001 NBA Finals. After Allen Iverson departed, the franchise has been in a transition period, searching for a new identity. Sixer fans are hoping that the transition phase is over; they're hoping the Sixers have now entered the rebuilding phase.

The good news: It can only go up from here.

Hopefully, Evan Turner can relieve Andre Iguodala from the burden of the team being solely on his shoulders. Maybe they will form a "Batman and Robin" type of duo. Turner is going to be needed to provide the consistency missing from the current Sixers "stars."

If the personalities can gel, and if everyone can accept their roles, we could have a solid basketball team on our hands. Don’t be surprised, however, if they continue to be stuck in limbo for another season.

Only time will tell. 

Mark your calendar—Wednesday, October 27th is the first game against Miami.

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