Who Will The Denver Nuggets Trade Carmelo Anthony To?

Michael MohajeriContributor IAugust 18, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - APRIL 30:  Carmelo Anthony #15 of the Denver Nuggets points to his teammate during their game against the Utah Jazz in Game Six of the Western Conference Quarterfinals of the 2010 NBA Playoffs at EnergySolutions Arena on April 30, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Now that LeBron James and Brett Favre have made their decisions, Carmelo Anthony is putting pressure on the Denver Nuggets to make a decision of their own. Rumors are that Anthony wants to be traded to the New York Knicks, but is that the best option for him? What other cities offer him the best chance to be competitive with the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers? Should he stay in Denver, or, for that matter, the Western Conference? What can Denver get in return for Carmelo? Let's take a look at the five best places for him to play, starting with number five.

Number Five: The Cleveland Cavaliers. Can you imagine the look on LeBron James' face if Carmelo were to end up in Cleveland? This is the biggest stretch of them all, but wouldn't this make a great story? The Cleveland Cavaliers would have to part ways with J.J. Hickson, since he is the only young talent on their team, and a future draft pick. Carmelo would become an instant savior, and would give Dan Gilbert a chance at making his guarantee of winning a championship before LeBron James true. The drawbacks? Carmelo isn't going to allow a trade to happen to a small market, with a team loaded with average talent. So, this will never happen. No matter how badly Gilbert wishes it would.

Number Four: The Los Angeles Clippers. Ok, so they are a stretch, but definitely a possibility. The Clippers can offer the Nuggets a future first round draft pick, and one of the following players in return: Baron Davis, Chris Kaman, or Blake Griffin. What can the Clippers offer Carmelo Anthony? The big city lights of Los Angeles, an opportunity to bring the Clippers out of the shadow of the Lakers, and a very good head coach, Vinny Del Negro. Are there any drawbacks? Well, it is the Clippers.

Number Three: The New York Knicks. You were probably expecting to see the New York Knicks in the number one spot, weren't you? The Knicks, at best, are a decent option for Carmelo, as the only thing they can offer him is one of the biggest stages in the NBA to play. The Knicks do not have a lot to offer in return, so this is not a great option for the Nuggets. This is apparently where Carmelo wants to play, but beside Amar'e Stoudemire, what other talent do the Knicks have? The drawbacks? He may love playing in Madison Square Garden, but the Knicks are a mess of an organization. Mike D'Antoni is a good coach, but will never win a championship with his style of play. We all know that Carmelo would love to play in the Big Apple, but there are two teams that are a better option for him.

Number Two: The New Jersey Nets/Brooklyn Bridgers. That last name is just a guess as to what they will be called once they move to Brooklyn. What do they have to offer Carmelo? An owner willing to do what it takes to win, a coach who knows how to win, and the Big Apple. The roster is a little thin on talent, and if they want a chance to win right away, they can't get rid of Brook Lopez. This limits the trade options for Denver. If the Nets can work this trade, they may also be able to obtain Chris Paul next summer. Both of these scenarios are unlikely, leading us to the best option for Carmelo.

Number One: The Washington Wizards. Carmelo Anthony would be a fool not to see that this team is his best option. The Nuggets would be even bigger fools to not jump at the opportunity to trade Carmelo for Gilbert Arenas, and either Josh Howard or Al Thornton. Gilbert Arenas brings instant star power to the Nuggets, and is the only player in the NBA who is a former All-Star that they can acquire. And if they can manage to trade for Howard, they would have two former All-Stars. The Wizards would love to pair Carmelo Anthony with John Wall, and the rest of their youthful, talented roster. The Wizards have a center, power forward, shooting guard and point guard to play in tandem with Anthony. JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, Kirk Hinrich, and John Wall would gladly welcome him to town. Carmelo would have a chance at winning a championship in the next two or three years. The Wizards fans would take him in as one of their own, since Anthony grew up just up the road in Baltimore. Washington D.C. is a great basketball town. Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets can both get exactly what they are looking for by trading him to the Wizards.