Best of Times: The Top 10 Thunder Moments From Last Season

Casey Womack@caseywomackCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

Best of Times: The Top 10 Thunder Moments From Last Season

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    With the NBA off-season still in full swing, there's not much to do besides think about how our team's season ended last year and what could happen this upcoming season.

    Personally, I'm still stuck on last season.

    I'm still in shock on how well the Thunder did.  Still in shock that they won 50 games.  Still in shock in how many people they surprised in making the playoffs.  Still in shock in how they almost took a stellar Lakers team to seven games.

    As a Thunder fan, I find it hard to believe anything that happens this upcoming season could really beat how awesome and exciting last season was, apart from winning a championship of course.

    Think about it.

    At the beginning of the season, the NBA experts had the Thunder winning 35 games and missing the playoffs by a long shot.  In fact, one sports journalist had the Thunder actually making the playoffs last season and the community wanted his head.

    During the season, Russell Westbrook ended any criticism that he wasn't a true point guard and would only hurt the team in the long run. 

    When Westbrook dunked on Lamar Odom in the playoffs is something I won't ever forget.  It ignited the team and started the run that led to the Thunder taking the lead. 

    But the number one thing that I'll remember about that play is how loud the crowd got right after he slammed it down.  Right after it happened, it took a few seconds for the crowd to realize what just happened.  Then the place erupted.

    That's just one example of the best moments from last season.

    Check out the others.

10. Kevin Durant's Ankle Breaker on Andre Miller

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    Kevin Durant's performance career has made Portland fans upset ever since they decided to go with Greg Oden over Durant.

    This play was another stinger to the heart of Portland.

    After the game, I remember seeing a lot of Portland fans on NBA forums furious and disappointed that they didn't select KD and argued why they didn't in the first place.

9. The Broingtons' Music Video

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    No words can really describe how awesome this is.

    Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and James Harden released this video towards the beginning of the season.  It was the first thing that really made the community realize how close this group is off the court.

    What I liked best about this music video is that it showed that they are in fact still kids and they like to have fun.

    Plus, the trio actually named themselves the Broingtons.  Really can't get better than that.

8. Serge Ibaka's Coming Out Party

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    In his first season in the NBA, Serge Ibaka made sure he wasted no time getting his name and defensive skills known.

    Outside of Kevin Durant, the majority of the Thunder community would probably tell you their favorite player is Serge Ibaka.

    He had a lot of key plays in the season, including in situations where they really needed it.  If you remember, he had a key block against Tim Duncan with 1.3 seconds left to keep the game within two points.

    I remember Tim Duncan being shocked right after it happened not realizing that Serge 'Iblocka" could pull that off.

7. Kevin Durant's No-Call Shot Against The Jazz

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    Sure, maybe not the most positive end result. 

    But I love how the team came out to defend Durant out at mid-court after the obvious bad call.  Oh, and when I say team, I mean the entire team.  Starters, role players, trainers, pretty sure even Rumble made his out way on mid-court to make his case.

    Plus, that moment is one of the very few times you'll see Kevin Durant show that much emotion.  Usually when he's upset about something involving a game, you'll never know it besides maybe a small tweet from Kevin Durant after the game.

    It was an obvious horrible call and it cost the Thunder second place in the Northwest Division. 

    But in the end I think it brought the team closer together and knew they had each other's back.

6. Jeff Green's Dunk On Josh Smith To Secure The Win

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    Many people tend to forget how many times Jeff Green came through in the clutch for the Thunder last season.

    This game against Atlanta was a very important game as the Thunder were starting to really make a push for the playoffs.

    With a two point lead, Oklahoma City made a huge defensive stop with about 25 seconds left, and Jeff Green had the ball at the top of the key trying to get the ball to Durant.  Although, KD was blanketed by defenders.

    Finally, Green saw an opening and went for it against one of the leagues best defenders and succeeded.

    Sure, it wasn't Uncle Jeff's best year but he had so many clutch plays that it's rediculous that the community would want him traded.

    This is one of the plays that made the Thunder community realize how much he really helps the team out.

5. Kevin Durant Representing The Thunder In The 2010 All-Star Game

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    It was just as big for Oklahoma City as it was for Kevin Durant when he played in his first All-Star game.

    Playing in his first All-Star game, Kevin Durant represented the Thunder and OKC when he took the court. 

    It was awesome to see Durant finally get awarded for his performance on the court half-way through the season. Plus that the NBA fans voted for a guy that was from Oklahoma City. 

    Kevin Durant actually got the most attention from the media that weekend aside from possibly LeBron James.  Plus, in every interview he did, he mentioned Oklahoma City and the Thunder and how he's representing both.

4. OKC Thunder's 17 Blocks Vs. Lakers

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    It was a block party during Game Two against the Lakers.

    This game would have been even better if they would had won, but it still showed on national television how good of a defensive team the Thunder was.

    Looking back, I can't believe they actually had 17 blocks against the Lakers and didn't win.  Not sure how that happened.  Even still, Charles Barkley and the TNT group gave Oklahoma City a lot of love and told the world that this was going to be a tough series for Los Angeles afterwards.

3. James Harden's Sweet Pass and Finish

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    If there was any question about James Harden's athleticism, this play ended it.

    As far as plays of the year goes, this would clearly be number one play. 

    James Harden was playing his heart out despite having a comfortable lead.  There's so many things he did on this play that it's hard to describe everything.  Just natural athleticism at it's finest.

    After this game, Scott Brooks then had trust in James Harden.  Coach Brooks started to leave Harden in to defend players like Kobe and Dwayne Wade while Thabo Sefolosha got a breather.

2. Russell Westbrook Dunking On Lamar Odom

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    I don't know what's better; Westbrook's actual dunk on Lamar Odom or his reaction afterwards.

    This is the play that got the crowd louder than I've ever heard it and the team playing on another level.

    Without this play, it's doubtful that the Thunder make any kind of run to catch up to the Lakers.  Plus, up to this point, the crowd never really had a chance to get loud aside from before the game on account it was the state's first playoff game.

1. The Thunders Amazing 8-0 Run In One Minute Against The Lakers

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    If this doesn't give you chills, nothing will.

    This is my all-time favorite Thunder moment and I don't really need a lot of words to describe why.

    How the fans reacted really made this moment.  They kept getting louder with every play during the run as the Thunder kept getting closer to finally tying the game. 

    Then, when Kevin Durant hit the trey-ball to tie the game, all hell broke loose.  Even Durant cracked a smile after he hit it.

    Personally, it's going to be extremely tough to beat this moment.  It was the Thunder's first playoff win in an amazing arena after an amazing season.

    Although, if the Thunder make it to the Western Conference Finals next season, don't be surprised if I change my decision.