LeBron James Becomes Benedict Arnold Of American Sports

Matt SheaCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:  LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat is introduced during a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

From many passionate dunks and blocked shots, to the many things being said about the city of Cleveland, WHO is the criminal here? At first, when "The Decision" was aired, we woke up the next morning to a wave of hatred exposed on national TV for a player who may be the most overhyped of all time. How is he overhyped though? He leads the league in Points, Assists, and Rebounds for a rare first time at his position! That's not even something that the great Oscar Robertson had done by his age! YOU SHOULD LOVE HIM!

Heck, he even joined the Miami Heat, your "favorite" team Matt (the Magic are still my favorite by the way), why can't you absolutely LOVE him? Because he's a jerk. GQ Magazine recently released statements by LeBron himself stating the following: “I don’t think he ever cared about LeBron,” James is quoted as saying. “My mother always told me: ‘You will see the light of people when they hit adversity. You’ll get a good sense of their character.’ Me and my family have seen the character of that man.” Well wait! Hold on a second, you're telling me that a man who dedicated his entire soul to getting you players to help you, and signing you fresh out of high school didn't care? That's pretty narcissistic.

But, it gets EVEN better! Here comes more from "The King of Swing" himself! “Every night on the court I give my all, and if I’m not giving 100 percent, I criticize myself,” James said. HA! You left the arena without answering reporters when you lost in Game 6 to the Magic two years ago by leaving after you undressed! How dare you try to act like you've always MANNED up! You didn't and making statements like that is a crime!

The soap opera plays on....James said he wouldn’t change any part of “The Decision,” the made-for-TV event in Greenwich, Conn. where he announced his playing plans to an audience of about 10 million viewers. The hour-long show made $2.5 million for Boys & Girls Clubs. “When I found out I had an opportunity to do that for those kids, it was a no-brainer,” James said. But you didn't bother telling the Cavs prior to "The Decision" of your plans so they had no way of knowing what was about to ensue, that's being a coward via soap opera that 10 million people watched! If you had plans to leave, just release a public statement saying that you want to leave due to your contract being over!

Oh, and you thought the insults and back-stabbing were done?!!? FAR FROM IT! This last one took my image of him and FOREVER makes me hate him: James explained he’s always had an uneasy relationship with Cleveland because he’s from Akron, a half-hour away. “It’s not far, but it is far,” James said. “And Clevelanders, because they were the bigger-city kids when we were growing up, looked down on us. … So we didn’t actually like Cleveland. We hated Cleveland growing up. There’s a lot of people in Cleveland we still hate to this day.” WHO?!!? Braylon Edwards is gone! You drove him away! Then you turned on people you claimed in recent years were your friends from Ohio! Sickening!

Here's my personal read on the situation: Hated certain people in Cleveland? That's cold bro. You should hate yourself for involving your family in an uncontrollable crisis and soiling your name forever. At least as a Wade fan, I can honestly say I saw nothing wrong with what #3 did leaving that insufferable woman who tried to take his son and screw him over but this city, league, and the state of Ohio showed you (LeBron) nothing but love and appreciation and to say things like this exposes you as an arrogant asshole. I live closer to Orlando and will never enjoy you as the Heat fan I am as well after these comments. You sir, are the Benedict Arnold of American sports!