Meet the Knicks!

Josh TargeContributor IAugust 15, 2010

Since "The Decision" and all the other big free agent signings and trades that went down in July there has been a lot of speculation about where the next "Big Three" will be appearing in the NBA.
A lot came out the weekend following the "The Decision" at Carmello Anthony's wedding in New York City where Chris Paul supposedly said that New York will have it's own "Big Three" soon enough. Obviously all Knicks fans that heard of this jizzed everywhere.
Rightfully so. Knicks fan have been stuck in the Twilight Zone of bad contracts and washed up coaches over the past decade. The problem with getting all excited over a future consisting of Danilo, Amar'e, Carmello, CP3 and Mozgov (Incredible) is that Knicks fans have already done this!
What have we been hyping ourselves for since James Dolan hired Donnie Walsh in April of 2008?
Knicks fans already had their chance to act like it's there 16th birthday again and hope for that really big present at the end of the night.
He didn't come! He chose to chill with his friends at the beach instead.
Ultimately what I am getting at is that Knicks fans should look forward to what we currently have on the upcoming 2010-2011 roster, as it is vastly improved and very motivated.
The Knicks obtained three perfect pieces to the puzzle from the Golden State Warriors with the sign and trade for David Lee. They also made some significant free agent signings that will improve this team for a city that desperately wants to win.

Anthony Randolph is an incredibly talented basketball player. He has flown under the radar of most NBA fans, but people in the league rave about his talents.
Oh yea, he is only 21-years old!
He came out of college after his freshman year at LSU where he averaged 15 ppg and almost 9 boards a game. He was selected by the Warriors in the lottery but has been plagued by injuries for the past two years.
Bottom line is that he is perfect for Coach D'Antoni's offense and the league should watch out for this new superstar next year.
Kelenna Azubuike had to sit out 70+ games last year due to knee injuries, but he should be ready to go by training camp and the start of the season. Azubuike attended the University of Kentucky so he did not come out from nowhere his talents have been recognized since he was a teen.
Azubuike had a breakout year in 2009 when Don Nelson decided to start his budding star. Azubuike should battle Wilson Chandler for the starting two spot. Which should be an interesting story all season long.
Ronny Turiaf could be most remembered for appearing in that Nike commerical featuring Kobe Bryant jumping over the Aston Martin, but he'll be known by Christmas as being a tremendous force in the paint for the Knicks.
Turiaf will hopefully start at center for D'Antoni and let Amar'e play his natural position of power forward. Turiaf was injured for half of last season, as well, so his game was not able to progress as it should have.
If he remains healthy this season however we can all expect to see him return to his 2008 stats and have over 2.5 BPG and possibly double digit rebounds in D'Antoni's run and gun system.
Raymond Felton had an off year last year after improving season after season. Felton has always played well in the Garden and he admitted so himself a few days ago in an interview.
Although I'm a rabid Toney Douglas fan and hope to one day see him succeed in this league, Felton is a massive upgrade over both he and Chris Duhon. Look for Felton's scoring to increase and to finish in the top-five in assists per game.
Roger Mason Jr. is a great role player for the Knicks. I was ecstatic over his signing last week. Two years ago he hit five different game winning shots! He's a perfect compliment coming off the bench to a Stoudemire and Randolph front court .
Timofey Mozgov, what can I say?
Not much except for the fact that I did not know who this was going into the day the Knicks stated they were about to sign him. He was the number one rated international center, so that is saying a lot.
From the videos I have seen of him, he seems like he can be a great big man to play aside Amar'e in about two to three years from now.
He's a 7'0 center that loves to run the floor and the pick and roll. The Knicks forked over a lot of money for this guy and in Donnie We Trust, I just hope he's not another Frederic Weis!
I have not listed anything about Amar'e because he's S.T.A.T. and I am thrilled for him to come and dominate like Ewing did.