Pacers Building Current Team Like 2000 Finals Team?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2010

I've been thinking a lot today about the Pacers new building scheme, and I think I'm starting to see what they are doing. Larry Bird is building this team as closely as he can to match the team that went to the 2000 NBA Finals. Let's take a look at this.

At point guard, Darren Collison reminds me a lot of Mark Jackson. Not really close to the same player, but they both can pass and score the ball. Jackson was an excellent floor general, and Collison showed very good flashes of that last season.

The shooting guard position is a little bit difficult to judge, because it's Miller and Granger obviously. Granger plays small forward but I'm going to go ahead and have him be the comparison to Reggie. They both shoot the ball extremely well, and are the leaders of their team.

Danny Granger is much better at getting to the bucket and finishing than Miller ever was, and they are both very good foul shooters.

I'm going to compare Brandon Rush to Jalen Rose, although Rush is nothing close to as good as Rose was. He can shoot the ball decently well at times, while Rose was a good shooter as well. They both play good defense, and can make good passes, but Rush makes a lot of mental errors still.

At power forward it's very hard to compare anyone to anyone here. Back in the 2000 season, the Pacers didn't really have a power forward that really grabbed a lot of attention, but I know they had a few good ones, as do the Pacers of this season.

At center is the most obvious comparison. Rick Smits and Roy Hibbert. Both are very solid all around players. They both love to play with their back to the baskets in the post, and they love the running hook shot. On defense, they both are good at altering opponents' shots, and also they are both good rebounders, but not quite as good as they should be for their height.

Just wanting to get some of your guys' opinions on this subject. I really think I see where Bird is going with this, and now that I've seen this I'm very excited for the future of this team. Bird has a plan, and maybe that plan is to rebuild the same kind of team that was able to compete with the very best of the best back ten years ago. You could also compare this team to the team just about seven seasons ago with Brad Miller, Ron Artest, and Reggie as well. But what do you guys think about the Packers building to be the same kind of team as the 2000 team?