NBA Rankings: The Best & Worst NBA Logos/Looks

Benny VargasAnalyst IAugust 14, 2010

NBA Rankings: The Best & Worst NBA Logos/Looks

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    In the NBA, as in life, there are the good the bad and the ugly.

    When it comes to uniforms/logos, some teams try to be cutting edge, while others just stick with tradition.

    Some teams have tinkered with their look countless times while others have just stuck with what works.

    While it is more important to win looking ugly than to lose looking good, can't we sometimes have both?

    Whatever the case, we will review the NBA's best and worst looks/mascots.

The Worst

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    Milwaukee Bucks: If you have Bambi on your logo you're already in trouble. It also doesn't help if your moniker rhymes with words such as ducks, sucks, and well, you get the point.


    Washington Wizards: This entire look is just bad. You switched from the Bullets to promote a less violent image, which is fine, but at least come up with something better than this.


    Toronto Raptors: Eliminate Dino with a basketball and you might have something, The colors aren't bad. Raptors are fierce animals, albeit extinct ones. Still, the dribbling dinosaur must go.

Nothing Special

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    Charlotte Bobcats: I know your owner liked the name but a Bobcat...really?? That's the best you could come up with? The logo itself looks like something you'd find in the Canadian Football League.


    Atlanta Hawks: While the logo looks better than older ones, why change the colors to blue and silver instead of keeping the traditional red, yellow and white? I guess it's not bad, but it's not good, either.


    Phoenix Suns: The gray is a unique thing, but the logo is old and outdated.


    New Jersey Nets: Maybe an older school look would be better. It's a historic name, even if it's not a great one.


    Sacramento Kings: It's a very '90ish look and not a good one anymore. The new colors beat the old red, white, and blue ones, but the logo needs to be redone.


    Houston Rockets: The new colors are better than any before it. Still, it's a very plain and boring look.

Almost Good

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    Minnesota TimberWolves: Lose the timber and go with a moniker of just Wolves. Then eliminate the green trees in the logo and you got something.


    Memphis Grizzlies: It's 20 times better than the original Vancouver look, but still it can be better. Make the Grizzly growl and it won't look so much like a villainous character from a Disney cartoon. Colors are nice.


    Oklahoma City Thunder: It may never be as good as the Seattle Sonics look/feel, but the Thunder's look isn't a bad one. It's just a little bland and should be redesigned.


    Cleveland Cavaliers: I'd like to take a poll to see if people prefer the new Cavs look or the vintage one. I think a Knight's helmet could add appeal to the logo.


    Dallas Mavericks: Bring back the green. Mavericks have a good name and solid colors just wish they'd take out the "My Little Pony."

Best Of The Rest

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    Indiana Pacers: It'll never be the best but the yellow uniforms are a nice look. Very Michigan Wolverines like. As is the Pacers have a nice traditional look.


    Utah Jazz: This would be a Top Ten logo if the team were still in New Orleans. Nothing screams Jazz like Still Utah needs to stick with the baby and royal blue look. It beats the old Laker color one and also beats the purple and blue and subsequent black and gold. Utah has changed it's look so many times over the last 15 or so years that it's hard to keep up with anymore.


    Portland Trail Blazers: It's a good name which befits the region. Yet there's still something missing. Not sure what can be done but a start would be running with the moniker Blazers more and incorporating Trail less in the logo itself.


    Los Angeles Clippers: Perhaps if the team could ever win the look might catch on. As is it's a decent logo for a horrible franchise and too similar to the Lakers more iconic image and colors.

12. Denver Nuggets

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    This is the best the Denver Nuggets logo and colors have ever been.

    The name befits the region although if it was the San Francisco Nuggets it'd be truly golden.

    The mountain isn't as good as Utah's, but the overall color scheme and design make it an attractive choice.

11. Orlando Magic

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    The logo needs to be spruced up a bit. Still, the name Magic in Orlando is a good fit.

    The colors go well together. The blue uniform and white ones are both solid. The unique letters are also nice.

10. Golden State Warriors

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    Golden State made a great decision to go with this retro logo and color scheme as opposed to what they had.

    The bridge is perfect in representing the Bay Area. You eliminated some weird lightning rod and guy thing and replaced it with something that appears to have both tradition.

9. Detroit Pistons

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    Detroit made an epic mistake years back when they went with that aqua and other color scheme. They also added a horse; it was just awful.

    Now Detroit is back to that classic look and Pistons fans must love it.

    Red, White and Blue belong to Detroit in basketball and it's good to see them in it.

    Also Pistons is a great nickname for the city that once was the hub of the automobile industry.

8. New York Knickerbockers

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    The name is great. The city is one of the world's best. But please fix that logo.

    New York needs to eliminate the silver and just emphasize the words New York and Knicks.

    The moniker Knicks is a good one but it's the full name New York Knickerbockers that just rolls off the tongue nicely.

    If the logo gets fixed, this can easily be in the top three or four.

7. New Orleans Hornets

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    While they should be the Jazz, New Orleans still has a good look with the Hornets. It'd be great if the league made Utah and New Orleans switch mascots.

    The traditional purple and gold New Orleans Jazz uniform and logo were fantastic.

    The current look isn't bad either. The colors are unique. The lettering looks great and the logo looks good considering it has a bee on it.

6. Philadelphia 76ers

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    A historic name for a historic city.

    The 76ers' uniform is a good one. the nickname is much better than the logo itself.

    Philadelphia should consider eliminating the blue and red box. It would look awesome if it were just the white ball saying 76ers.

    Perhaps you could find another way to incorporate Philadelphia into the logo as well.

5. Miami Heat

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    I'm still torn at times between the Heat's initial look and the revamped one. Either way, they're both good.

    The moniker fits the region perfectly. The colors are great.

    The home uniform in particular is really nice looking, especially with the yellow stripe running down the side of the jersey.

    Miami should consider abandoning the current black road jerseys for their red one, which is more eye catching.

    It'd be nice to see a Miami look in just black and white with perhaps silver as an accent in their road uniforms.

    Also a possible home one that is all white and silver with black accents. It would be a little Spur-like but can be made distinct.

4. San Antonio Spurs

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    San Antonio has got it right.

    The colors are great and eye catching. In fact, the logo is 10 times more flashy than the team's style of play.

    San Antonio Spurs rolls off the tongue as well. The moniker fits the region really well.

    Adding the spur in the U was a great move, too. Overall I was surprised by how much I liked this logo the more I actually looked at it.

3. Chicago Bulls

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    This is where it got really tough.

    Chicago's logo and look could have have been number one. It was almost number two.

    In the end I placed it at number three.

    Great colors and an even better look. The uniform hasn't changed too much since the Jordan days.

    The Bull on the side of the shorts is nice and both the home and away look is tight.

    Between the Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks, Chicago has some great nicknames. Now if only they can erase the Cubbies. Cubs, while a classic, just doesn't seem appropriate and sounds soft.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

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    There is no better uniform in the NBA than the Lakers' home kits.

    While the name Lakers definitely applies better to Minnesota it flows nicely with Los Angeles as well.

    The purple and gold are fitting for a city as glitzy as Hollywood. Los Angeles doesn't have to change a thing.

    The white uniforms are  a nice change to throw in every now and then. The purple road kits are nothing to go crazy over but the home gold ones are perfect.

    I've noticed at times they change the tone/shade of the purple. wonder whether Lakers fans prefer  the lighter or darker purple?

    Overall, the name Lakers is synonymous with both the colors gold and purple and winning basketball.

1. Boston Celtics

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    I never rooted for Boston growing up. Always sided with the Lakers or Pistons instead. Still there is no denying that Boston's look and logo are top notch.

    It's classic, represents the city perfectly. Hints at the Irish roots with which it was built up.

    The colors work really well. I mean it's just green and white yet on the court looks really good.

    While neither of the Celtics uniforms are as good as say the Los Angeles home ones they are still both solid.

    I'm glad they've gone away from the black a bit. It didn't seem right when they were incorporating so much of the black. A traditional green and white works just fine.

    Also the name Celtics is the leagues best, edging out both the Lakers and Knickerbockers, in my opinion.

    The little Irish dude is totally decked out. He has his wooden cane, pipe, top hat and clover filled vest.

    As if that wasn't enough he's spinning a ball on his finger while giving you that "yeah, I'm good" wink.