Scottie Pippen: 10 Things To Expect From His Hall of Fame Speech

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IAugust 12, 2010

Scottie Pippen: 10 Things To Expect From His Hall of Fame Speech

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    Scottie Pippen, the sidekick to arguably the best player the NBA has ever seen in Michael Jordan, will be have his day in the sun as he will be inducted into the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame.

    For those of us that remember Jordan's Hall of Fame speech from last year, it was darn near atrocious. Well, Pippen's good buddy will be introducing him and one can only hope that it's not quite as bad.

    But, what kind of things can we expect the longtime Chicago Bull to say during his acceptance speech? Who will he thank or will he take the opportunity to throw someone under the bus?

    One thing is for certain, it's sure to be entertaining.

No. 10: "I Want to Thank My Coaches"

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    OK, for those of you who haven't seen one of the funniest pictures of the, ummm, younger Phil Jackson, I'm not sure why you would thank anyone that wore a bow tie on the sidelines.

    Or for the mustache for that matter, although he does kind of have that Tom Selek look going for him.

No. 9: "I Want To Thank My Teammates"

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    Yes, the thanking of the teammates always has to be in an acceptance speech but Scottie needs to realize just who he's thanking.

    We all remember this colorful guy don't we?

No. 8: "I Want to Thank The Fans"

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    Yes, go ahead and thank the fans. I'm not saying they haven't been the best fans during the good ole days, but something like this just scares me.

No. 7: "The Game Has Been Good To Me"

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    Scottie was one of the best role players in the game during his time with the Chicago Bulls. While he played with the deadliest weapon the game had to offer, he could take over a game when Jordan couldn't.

    There's no question the game was good to him. He has six championships to prove it.

No. 6: "We Were Family"

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    Scottie and MJ were the best when they were on the floor and they played like they were more than teammates. They had guys that were no names like Toni Kukoc, Steve Kerr, and Bill Wennington, yet each played their role to perfection.

    They were more than teammates on the floor, they were family.

No. 5: "It Was an Honor Playing Next To Michael Jordan"

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    They won together, they lost together, they played together. When one wasn't on his game, the other one picked up the slack.

    They were the one of the best tandems in basketball in their time, maybe even ever.

No. 4: "Playing on The Dream Team Was Incredible"

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    The Dream Team was the best collection of talent on one team, ever. They blew out every team that came before them, probably because the opposing players were too awestruck the entire time.

No. 3: "I'd Like to Get Into Coaching One Day"

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    I think Scottie would be a great head coach one day and I think he's headed down that path. Maybe not have the same kind of success his head coach, Phil Jackson, has had during his tenure but I also think players would love to play for him.

    His experience in the game would go nicely as the head man.

No. 2: "Money Isn't Everything"

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    Sure the money is great while you're a player, but there will be people that will be looking to take advantage of a lot of the athletes, regardless of what sport they play.

    Scottie Pippen was no exception as he lost nearly $120 million in career earnings thanks to bad business deals.

No. 1: "I Want to Thank Michael Jordan"

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    And why shouldn't he? If it wasn't for Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen might have been another unknown in the NBA. But, Pippen, to some extent, owes this day to his longtime teammate for being as good as he was for so many years.