Darren Collison Getting His Shot With Trade To Indiana Pacers

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IApril 11, 2017

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With news breaking on ESPN of a big four team trade involving Courtney Lee going to Houston, Trevor Ariza going to New Orleans, Troy Murphy going to New Jersey and Darren Collison going to the Pacers, it appears the future looks brightest for Collison.

A lot of under-the-radar players are going through a moving day, with some of their roles being changed along with the outlook of their teams. Let's take a look at each player and their new team's outlook once the trade has been finalized.

This is the second time Lee has been traded in two years. Lee was one of the under radar guys that brought the Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals. When he was traded to the Nets it was suppose to be a glimpse into the future for New Jersey—not quite.

Lee struggled with injuries and at times was the best player on the court but during others was the worst. His move to Houston should once again put him under the radar playing along side Kevin Martin.

While Ariza—who was another key player in his former team's playoff run (Lakers in 2009)—had his moments in Houston, he was never really able to efficiently produce. Playing alongside Chris Paul, David West and Emeka Okafor should make New Orleans basketball respectable once again.

What does this mean for the Nets? Murphy had been a guy who struggled with injuries throughout his career but last year was able to average 14 points and 10 rebounds for the Pacers. With 2010 first-round pick Derrick Favors waiting in the wings and starting center Brook Lopez, it'll be interesting to see what the Nets have planned for Murphy.

While they did draft Lance Stephenson out of Cincinnati in this year's draft, the Pacers certainly needed help at the point guard position. Stephenson's true position is a shooting guard, and now Collison can come in right away and grab the starting job.

Just ask his former team the Hornets how good he is to have on your team: when Paul went down with an injury the Hornets turned  to Collison, who as a rookie, performed well.

Last season Collison averaged 12 points, five assists and one steal per game. That's not bad for a rookie who also had 14 double doubles. So the Pacers may have gotten the best player in the deal with all due respect to the others.

With Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush and this year's draft picks of Paul George, Lance Stephenson, and Magnum Rolle the Pacers certainly have a youth movement going on. Youth can be a good quality to have on your team (just ask the Oklahoma City Thunder). The Pacers have found their point guard of the future who will try to turn their team around and put them back on the map like Reggie Miller did.

The Hornets got another athletic and versatile player in Ariza who they hope can make Paul stay in 'Nawlins. The Nets just upgraded their front court and the Rockets cut some payroll.

All in all, each team did what was best for them, but the Pacers have gotten a player who has the potential to put butts in the seats, something they haven't had since Miller. Collison and Miller are not alike, but Collison's desire to play hard and win could attract folks in Indy to come back out to games.