Ladies and Gentlemen, Your New Warriors

zack hudsonContributor IAugust 6, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your New Golden State Warriors

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    The Golden State Warriors did a major rebuilding this off-season, and they now seem as if they are a team with a bright future rather than just another fun squad to watch. They have found their "guy" (Stephen Curry) and can now build around him. They have other pieces in place as well, which I will go over. The question is, is there enough talent to possibly become a big-time sleeper?

Monta Ellis

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    Is it just me, or is there a lot of criticism directed at this guy these days? Ellis does not get much love, despite being a playmaker that can also play some defense. Granted, at times he can be a ball hog, while other times you're watching him single-handedly carry the Dubs to victory. If he can take up that secondary role he carried back when Baron Davis was in the place, the Curry-Ellis backcourt could prove deadly.

David Lee

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    Now I'll admit, trading away Anthony Randolph made me cry myself to sleep for nearly a week. The guy I believed would one day become the power forward the Dubs need for their fast-paced game was suddenly gone. However, after really looking at the whole situation, I've become quite happy. There are some fellows out there that believe David Lee is the best offensive rebounder in the game today. Plus, he's not too old (27), and he has plenty of All-Star-like years left. There's a good chance Warrior fans soon adore this guy and the hustle he brings to the table.

Andris Biedrins

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    Ah, what is there to say about Andris? He's quite a player. Back in 2008, the guy averaged 12 points and 11 rebounds a game. However, this last year he was plagued by injuries and his stats went DOWN. If Biedrins can return to top form, the frontcourt combination of him and Lee could be just what the doctor ordered for the team's rebounding woes.

Reggie Williams

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    This cat...this cat can flat-out ball. I'll admit I was a skeptic and believed he was just a product of our heavy-offense ways. However, Reggie proved me wrong. As you watch more and more of him, you start to wonder about NBA scouts' abilities. Undrafted? For real? He's a very good all-around player and looks to only get better.

Dorell Wright

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    I'm a fan! Personally, I harbored resentment for this young man just for the simple fact his signing further solidified Anthony Morrow's departure. However, after extensive research (mainly Youtube), I can't wait to see him on the floor. He's a very good defender and an exciting player to watch on the offensive end as well. I've heard people say he wasn't given a fair shake in Miami, and that in another system he could very well flourish. Let's hope so.

Ekpe Udoh

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    I'm not expecting any MVP awards. I'm not even expecting an All-Star selection. I'm expecting a solid interior presence on the defensive end, solid rebounder, and a better-than-decent offensive player. Many people criticized the pick due to Monroe still being available, but we'll see. Udoh has all the tools and the skill set to become an above-average player

Stephen Curry

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    He is it. This kid is the real deal. Steph is the centerpiece of this team, and rightfully so. Though he did not win the ROY award last season, he showed as many flashes of greatness as just about anybody. Scanning the web the other day, I came upon a highlight reel dedicated to Curry and it made me wide-eyed thinking about just how good this team could be with him at the helm. He can make beautiful yet wise dishes, and he can stroke the deep ball with the best of them. Not to mention his stellar rebounding skills for being 6'3". A comparison to Mike Bibby has been the best I've heard, and coming from a heavy 2002 Kings fan, that would be amazing.


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    At the end of the day, every team is measured by the number of titles. Will the Dubs win one with the core of players they've built? Who knows. That doesn't change the fact that they are damn fun to watch. Not to mention, they give us day-dreamers some pleasant thoughts to ponder while bussing tables, filing paperwork,etc. What's for sure is that they are taking steps and have a plan for the future. Whether that translates to championships or lottery picks, us fans will be there to find out.