Cleveland Cavaliers: The Answer Lies Within, "The Other Big Three"

Matt KunzlerContributor IAugust 2, 2010

The Cleveland Cavaliers are this summers biggest losers. While teams were trying to seduce Lebron, Cleveland did nothing. They put all their faith in the thought that Lebron James would follow in the footsteps of Magic, Michael, and Kobe by sticking around in Cleveland. So when Lebron chose to join up with the "Big three" in Miami, all Cavs fans were heartbroken. Having no draft picks, Cleveland Cavaliers GM Dan Gilbert opened and read a letter he wrote to the fans of the Cavalier franchise. In the letter he personally guarunteed that they would win a title before Lebron James does. This letter was written to give Cavs fans hope, but hope seems really faint. So while teams like Utah made up for their big loss, Cleveland has done virtually nothing, unless you think the addition of Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins is big enough to make up for Lebron and Zydrunas. First they thought the would give Rashad McCants a shot, but he put on a "no show" to the summer camp. They then made an attempt for Matt Barnes, but he busted for Los Angeles. So now that the Free Agent class is really thin Cleveland is still lost and looking for answers to rebuild. However, there are still some veteran players that were once top notch. Players looking for a second chance at redemption. Players like Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, and Shaquille O'Neal.

Basically my proposition is that the Cavaliers take a risk and sign not just one, but all three of these former all-stars and make a "Big Three" of their own. Each player is versatile and unique, each has something that they could contribute to this team to keep it a competitor. Regardless of how well the team does, these players would bring out fans. They all have names adored and loved by fans and the media.

While in New York, Tracy McGrady did manage to show us a little bit of his former self, but most of the time he was either jogging or walking, and showing a lot of laziness on the court. However McGrady is only 31 years old. He's claiming that he's now 100 percent and ready to prove everybody wrong. McGrady really feels like he is still an NBA starter. Now I'm not saying that he's going to be putting up thirty points on average, but I'm definitely not counting twenty out. 

Allen Iverson couldn't cope with being a bench player in Memphis, and he disagreed with coaching in Detroit. He had an emotional, but breif stint in Philadelphia, however he had to leave the team due to personal reasons. Like McGrady, Iverson showed a few glimpses of his former self in Philadelphia.

Shaq's presence was definitely felt this last year in Cleveland. Only being allowed 24 mpg, he still manage to put out twelve points and seven boards. Unlike McGrady and Iverson, Shaq knows that he's not the player he once was, however he still feels he can contribute to a team in need. The catch is that he still wants a money, and he still wants to start.

All three of these players want to start, and would be able to do so with Cleveland. The potential line up would be:

PG- Ramon Sessions----Mo Williams----Daniel Gibson

SG- Allen Iverson-------Anthony Parker-----Christian Eyenga

SF- Tracy McGrady-----Jamario Moon-------Joey Graham

PF- J.J. Hickson---------Antawn Jamison----Leon Powe

C-  Shaquille O'Neal------Anderson Varejao-----Ryan Hollins


I personally think Mo Williams is a better point guard than Ramon Sessions, but Mo is more of a scorer, which could create problems with Iverson and McGrady. So Williams would become the teams 6th man logging minutes at both point guard and shooting guard. Being that Shaq wouldn't be playing as many minutes as a usual post player, Jamison, Varejao, and Hollins would all get playing time. The teams first scoring option would be McGrady followed by Iverson. If an injury happened to either one of them, you would still have Joey Graham to pick up bench minutes.

This line-up is potentially a very dangerous one in the east. I could see them taking third or possibly even second. Many will argue that McGrady, Shaq, and Iverson are all cocky players that demand more money than they deserve. I agree with this in its fullest. None of these players deserve any more than 7 million a year, but Cleveland has lots of money leftover from Lebron. What I'm saying is to sign all three of them to one year contracts. If it doesn't work out, they will all be free agents next summer, then they will be released and the Cavs front office will have plenty of money to make a splash at Carmello or Chris Paul.  Now take a moment and think: What if this did work out? What if all three of these players cooperated together, and made a run at a championship? Its really interesting to think about how well this team would do with this "Big Three."


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