The Biggest D-Bags in Sports

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

I heard someone over say that they thought that Manny Ramirez was a D-Bag for Manny being Manny.  So, I thought I wonder who some of the All Time Sports D-Bag's were?  Here is what I came up with.  I am sure I am missing a bunch so let me know who you think should be on the list.

In no particular order.

Bill Parcells―Verbally abusive to get his point across

Ray Lewis―Involved in murder case?  Need I say more?

Bill Romanowski―Spitting in people faces during the game, D-Bag!

Jim Brown―Great Athlete, hits women! D-Bag!

Art Modell―Moved the Browns out of Cleveland.

O.J. Simpson―I think the glove did fit equals D-Bag!

George Steinbrenner―For any number of reasons.

Tommy Lasorda―Was one of the worst with the media and how he spoke about his organization and players.

Claude Lemieux―He could get under anyone's skin in the NHL.  Even bit someone during a game. D-Bag.

John McEnroe―Argues, argues, argues all the time.

Anyone named in the Mitchell Report―D-Bags!

Dale Earnhardt Senior―Great driver was an all-time jerk though.

Reggie Jackson―Loved him if you lived in New York.  Outside of the Big Apple he's D-Bag!

John Rocker―A complete melt down! Major League D-Bag!

Ron Artest―Has everyone just forgot what he did? D-Bag!

Barry Bonds―King D-Bag!

Bobby Knight―In the same category as Parcells.

Tonya Harding―A big set to organize what she did but Queen D-Bag!

Rae Carruth―In jail.  No need to say much more.

Alan Eagleson―What he did to Bobby Orr wasn't right―Major D-BAG!