Dethroning The King: Why So Much Hate For LeBron James?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 31, 2010

“LeBron James is the greatest thing going and is the next MJ!”….  “No one can touch LBJ man he is the king.”



“King James?  Heck he is a peasant if you ask me!” …” He should never be allowed to step in the state of Ohio ever again!”

If you had a golden opportunity to receive the prize that you had your eyes on as long back as you could remember would you take it? Even if that choice would make you one of the most if not the MOST hated athletes in the world?!

How do you become the one of the most beloved NBA players in the world to the most hated? Maybe it all boils down to one’s own “Decision”. Which some are not to found of wait rephrase that which A LOT are not to found of. Some do have this opportunity in front of their face but pass it up as they would not want to go through the ultimate punishment to get the prize. Even if they thought that would have been the best option for them they decided to take the different route. Even without a ring some feel it was the best choice. Or do they really?

LeBron James was named the NBA’s MVP for 09-10 season, for the second time in his career which was two years in-a-row becoming the tenth player to do so. The Cavs were one of the favorites to take the Eastern Conference championship. Then came along the Boston Celtics! The Celtics seemed to be a road bump on the Cavaliers road to a championship. But the Celtics were not ready to bow out just yet as they to the cavs out in 6 games.

James would then be criticized for not giving his all in the series against the Boston Celtics. After the loss the drama had only begun.  As now the “Free Agent Sweep-Takes” for James was just around the corner. The question that was on everyone’s mind would be, will he stay or will he go? If he did leave were would he go? Weeks would pass rumors would float around and the patience started to wear off on everyone. But then a chain reaction started.

Other top free agents have chosen to stick with their respectful teams like Nowitzki sticking with the Mavericks, Allen with the Celtics and Johnson with the Hawks. But the top three on everyone’s mind was where would Bosh; Wade; and James go? Will they follow the same trend and stay? We would soon find out that big question.

On July 7th  Bosh and Wade would break their silence. On ESPN they announced that Wade would be staying in a Miami Heat Jersey and Bosh would be representing the Heat as well. People would go into frenzy as more questions had arisen. Later in the day a breaking report would come out that LeBron James would make his “Decision” the next day in a one hour special. Many felt that it was ridiculous for him to take an hour just to answer one question but at the time they just wanted to know.

On July 8th the sports world was in a stand still as everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV set or computer or any device they could get their hands on. Even the people who decided not to watch couldn’t wait to find out what James will do. Many expected him to go to NY to market his brand or go to Miami with friends or go to Chi-Town to “REPEAT HISTORY!” LeBron James would go through a few random questions to fill up the hour which no one cared about. Everyone wanted to know one question and one question only were the heck is James going?!

Finally the moment had come and LeBron James uttered these words that will be forever remembered. “I will be taken my talents down to south beach” LeBron James just announced he would be joining the Miami Heat creating a new epic trio. The beloved one had just become the hated one; James was labeled as “The Guy”.  Cleveland fans were hurt and felt betrayed like their hearts have been stomped on.  The number 23 in a Cavaliers jersey was no more as former fans have torched them in flames in a way dethroning their former king.

Former players who had grabbed a championship and even ones who haven’t felt it wasn’t the right choice. Many felt loyalty it the way to go and that is much better the going the route James had taken.  Even Michael Jordan himself said he would have never taken that route. LeBron James brand was said to be diminished and even with a ring will never redeem that “Top Gun” status.

Cavalier’s owner Dan Gilbert would fire off with a letter to the fans of the Cavs.  (As you all know and probably memorized already) Gilbert called James the “Self-Proclaimed King” and even a quitter. Dan Gilbert even guaranteed a championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise before the new “Benedict Arnold” would ever win one.

Now with the dust settled the Miami Heat has become the new villains and the Lakers and Kobe Bryant seem to be the new superhero team to stop this doomsday from happening. But really can you blame or hate LeBron? Many had said LeBron James should stop trying to be like Mike. Don’t you think he would have went to the Bulls then to follow those dominant foot prints that Jordan left behind?

Another question should Cavalier fans only point the finger at James? No think about it did Dan Gilbert do everything he possibly could to bring James to the gold. It wouldn’t seem that way it seemed he was heavenly depending on James to win, win, and win. He would roll in a good supporting cast but it would prove not to be enough.

Some fans have taken this thing to far as if James had murdered someone and let known to the world and still got away with it. Yes Cavalier fans should feel pain but still at the same time appreciate what he has done for the franchise even if it does hurt. You can’t say he didn’t give his all he went hard every game he could even when he was off.  And for James not being that guy any more why can’t he be?

Kobe didn’t do it by himself; Larry; Magic and Jordan didn’t either. Could James of waited and see what the organization could have done to bring in better players? Yes but he didn’t he decided to go a different road at the end of the day it was best for him. James was a free agent so that gives him the right to leave and go elsewhere.  He could have and should have made his “Decision” in a better manner but this was his first time doing such a thing like this. Also his team was probably telling him this was the best way to do it. As it seemed he didn’t even want to do the interview as he looked very uncomfortable. But at the end of the day James is Miami Heat player now and the Cavs have suffered due to that choice. But there is always a maybe just maybe he could possibly return to Cleveland! That is a long stretch but there is one thing for sure the 10-11 season is going to be a great one! So sit back and enjoy this interesting and entertaining season that is heading are way NBA addicts.