No Eddie House for Boston Celtics, But Von Wafer May Be a Better Fit

Frances WhiteAnalyst IIJuly 30, 2010

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Celtic Nation didn't see this one coming. The talk of the town was whether or not Matt Barnes would come to the Celtics, and if Eddie House would come back to the Celtic dynasty he helped revive with a championship in 2008.   

Barnes chose to sign with the Lakers, and House decided to cast his lot in a more upscale locale with the Miami Heat. There were even rumblings that the Celtics might bring Delonte West back if Minnesota decides to buy him out.

The turnover rate the Celtic bench has suffered was a result of Danny Ainge's misses with acquiring a supporting cast for his band of misfit champs.

Ainge has been attempting to repair the second unit since the glory days of 2008, but he has not fared well.  As a result, he was forced to bring "The Big Three" back to try and squeeze one more championship out of their aging legs.

Boston has quietly kept their bench in tact, which is no small feat.

The 2010-2011 season will be the first time he has been able to bring back a significant portion of the bench from the previous season. 

The residual effect off the shift of power in the East was an unexpected boon.

Marquis Daniels was not able to garner much interest, but I suspect that was mostly due to his lack of production last year and major health concerns.

Nate Robinson signed on to continue his redemption song in Boston in hopes of cashing in on a bigger opportunity in two years.

Glen Davis will be in a contract year and knew better than to bring up the "E" word—extension—in the offseason.  His preseason injury was the beginning of the injury bug that ran rampant through the team.

They are young enough, have had extensive runs in the playoffs and may still garner a max contract down the line.  Each has a lot to prove but more importantly they don't have to relearn the system. Not many of the contending teams can say that about their bench.

Danny could also use them as bargaining chips next year, particularly Davis because he seems to show a major leap in his production every year.

Celtic management understood that they still needed to add offensive punch with the uneven play of Nate and Marquis. They went and obtained a taller version of Eddie House, but less prolific three-point threat in Von Wafer. As a bonus, he can do what House can'tfinish at the rim.

Wafer was in the 2005 McDonald's All-American High School game with LeBron James and came in second to him in the dunk contest. If it's shooting the Celtics want, it is shooting they will get with this chuckster.  

He is 6'5'' tall and can be the shooter to give Ray Allen relief during the season; Daniels can be Paul Pierce's backup.

When Kendrick Perkins recovers or the Celts sign another big (Kwame Brown anybody?), they will be able to field a complete second five that can contribute for their second unit.

The most important thing is that they didn't add anyone over 31 to their bench.  Of course, I may end up being wrong if the Celtics succumb to the pleading of The Big Shamrock, Shaquille O'Neal. 

I can just hear him now, "I came to Boston to bring another ring for the Green."

The Celtics managed to address the needs of the team in-spite of a thin market and that says a lot in today's "let's buy a championship" NBA market.