The Top 10 Foursomes in the NBA

Matt RavidaCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2010

The Top 10 Foursomes in the NBA

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    There have been many articles written about the top three players on a NBA team, ranking them, and giving a brief bio.

    But why does anyone not talk about foursomes? Because there are many teams out there who have four players that are key to their teams' success.

    Yes, the names too do not flow like the "Miami Thrice", over in South Beach.

    Like I said four is still better than three, even if the name is not as nice.

Just Missing The Cut

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    11. Memphis Grizzlies: Mayo, Gay, Randolph, and Gasol

    Mayo is a great young scorer who did suffer under the sophomore slump a bit last season, but should bounce back to have a good season next year. Gay is the leader of the team, and coming off signing that $86 million extension, big things will be asked of Gay. Randolph is a veteran power forward that had a terrific season last year for the grizzlies, and should do the same if he stays healthy and out of trouble. Marc Gasol is a big frame that is a great rebounder, and has soft hands around the rim.

    12. Portland Trail Blazers: Bayless, Roy, Aldridge, and Oden

    Putting Bayless in the four, may be a stretch, but I think with his strong play of late, he could make the push to be the teams starting point guard. Roy will be the great floor leader and scorer he has been ever since he was drafted. Aldridge will continue to be one of the most underrated players in the NBA, scoring 17 and grabbing 9-10 rebounds a game. Oden will be the key piece to the puzzle. As long as he can stay healthy long enough to do so.

    13. Houston Rockets: Brooks, Martin, Scola, and Ming

    Brooks is a good young scoring point guard for the Rockets, And his ability to shoot the three very well, helps his scoring abilities. Martin was a great addition for the Rockets last mid-season, and with this being his first full season with the Rockets, Martin should flourish! Scola will continue to be the workhorse that he has been this far in his career. Lastly, the key player is Ming. If Ming is able to bounce back from serious injury, the Rockets could be a good team next season.

    14. Phoenix Suns: Nash, Richardson, Hill, and Turkoglu

    Nash is one of the best passers and point guards in the league. He makes anyone around him put up all-star numbers. Richardson will give you 15-20 points a game, and give some thunderous highlight dunks. Hill is the veteran player that can solid job in all aspects of the game. Turkoglu was recently acquired by the Suns, and playing with Nash should do quite well. As well he provides the Suns with another facilitator on the team.

    15. Los Angeles Clippers: Davis, Gordon, Griffin, and Kaman

    The Clippers have the talent on paper to play with any other team in the league. But some reason that talent has not panned out for them. Davis will continue to do what he was done for years, score the basketball, and set up teammates. Gordon could go off for 20 points come next season. Griffin will be the wild card if he is healthy next season. He could make a run at the Rookie of the Year trophy. Kaman is the All-Star on this team, and the locker room leader that can help bring this team back into the playoffs.

10. Chicago Bulls: Rose, Deng, Boozer, and Joakim Noah

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    Combined Points Per Game: 66.5

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 33.8

    Combined Assists Per Game: 13.5

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 3.3

    Combined Steals Per Game: 3.3

    Analysis: This core of young players and with the addition of Boozer, could make a run for the top three in the Eastern Conference.

    Rose is becoming an All-Star quicker than most expected.

    Deng will always be that wing player that can do it all.

    The newly acquired Boozer, will be looked upon to be the force down low that they have been missing.

    Noah will be the workhorse player that is always going after the loose balls.

9. Atlanta Hawks: Bibby, Johnson, Smith, and Horford

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    Combined Points Per Game: 60.3

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 25.5

    Combined Assists Per Game: 15.3

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 3.4

    Combined Steals Per Game: 4.2

    Analysis: The Hawks will have pretty much the same team that they had last season except for a few minor changes. That is not degrading the team or anything. The Hawks had a great run last season and will continue to do so next season.

    Bibby, though getting older, can still play the game and be a good sidekick Joe Johnson.

    Johnson will be the main guy once again for the Hawks, He will continue to be asked to do it all for the Hawks.

    Josh Smith is the defensive force that seems like he just blocks everything that comes into the paint.

    Horford may be a bit of an undersized center, but he plays the position very well. He can play on both sides of the ball, and is not intimidated by the players like Dwight Howard.

8. Denver Nuggets: Billups, Anthony, Harrington, and Nene

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    Combined Points Per Game: 79.2

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 22.9

    Combined Assists Per Game: 12.8

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 1.9

    Combined Steals Per Game: 3.7

    Analysis: For some reason, the Nuggets do not get as much credit as they should.

    They got All-Stars in Carmelo and Billups, defensive and block machine, Nene, and the nearly acquired Al Harrington.

    Carmelo will be an All-Star every year till he retires, he can score with the best of them.

    Billups had a career year last season, and should have another solid season alongside Carmelo and Harrington.

    Nene, if healthy has been a great defensive player and energy player for the Nuggets, and will continue to do so.

    Al Harrington was acquired this off-season from the Knicks. Harrington will bring the scoring to the Nuggets, he will bring rebounding abilities, and the ability to stretch the floor playing the three or four position.

7. Dallas Mavericks: Kidd, Butler, Marion, and Nowitzki

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    Combined Points Per Game: 62.5

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 25.1

    Combined Assists Per Game: 15.0

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 2.5

    Combined Steals Per Game: 5.4

    Analysis: The Mavericks are another team that will be almost exactly the same other than a few minor details. But Mark Cuban believes this very team could have a chance at something.

    Kidd will continue to be the smartest point guard this game has to offer.

    Caron Butler will be entering his first full season as a Maverick. He showed great signs last season, and could be a great two guard option for the Mavs next season.

    Shawn Marion is another example of one of those gritty players, that go after everything. Marion also has great instincts and great anticipation when rebounding.

    Lastly, the Big German, Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki will continue to score, and continue to hit those turn around fadeaways to win the game.

6. San Antonio Spurs: Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, and Duncan

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    Combined Points Per Game: 63.3

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 20.7

    Combined Assists Per Game: 15.8

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 2.4

    Combined Steals Per Game: 3.6

    Analysis: One of the oldest and more experienced foursomes in the game. The Spurs, still always find ways to compete.

    Parker is an excellent point guard, and can beat almost anyone off the dribble to the basket.

    Ginobili consistently has been a top shooting guard in this league, even if he does come off the bench.

    Jefferson had a very bad season last year, and will look to turn things around this season.

    Duncan will always be the unspoken leader of this tram.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder: Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, and Green

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    Combined Points Per Game: 67.3

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 23.2

    Combined Assists Per Game: 14.2

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 4.0

    Combined Steals Per Game: 5.2

    Analysis: The youngest core in the game. These guys are very young and are already a top team.

    Westbrook has improved drastically, especially in the turnover department from his rookie season.

    Sheolosha is the defensive player of these four players, and also hits a few threes for the Thunder here and there.

    Durant will be Durant and continue to score 30 points per game.

    Green is the more interesting of the four, because he is playing the four position when his natural position is the three. He is holding himself very well down in the low block, but just does not get much credit because he is the four man.

4. Boston Celtics: Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Garnett

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    Combined Points Per Game: 62.6

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 19.4

    Combined Assists Per Game: 18.2

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 1.4

    Combined Steals Per Game: 5.4

    Analysis: The Celtics are always going to be a top team as long as the Big Three are on the team. But not many people are still giving any credit to Rajon Rondo. But after the playoffs, things might change.

    Rondo, is improving every season, especially in the assists category.

    Allen will continue to stroke the three.

    Pierce will be the leader of this team, and continue to score the basketball with the best of them,

    Garnett's intensity will never falter for as long as he is in the league.

3. Orlando Magic: Nelson, Carter, Lewis, and Howard

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    Combined Points Per Game: 61.6

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 24.5

    Combined Assists Per Game: 11.8

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 2.8

    Combined Steals Per Game: 3.4

    Analysis: This foursome of players, when playing at their best, seem like Championship title contenders. The magic have every weapon covered with these four players.

    Nelson, ever since coming back from injury a year and a half ago, has been nothing but greatness.

    Carter is starting to show signs of slowing down, but he can still put the ball in the bucket from time to time.

    Lewis has been struggling ever since signing that large contract with the Magic a few season back. But with his ability to shoot the three, a few hot games could change his mindset,

    As for Howard. The block machine and defensive enforcer, is really starting to develop his offensive game. Starting with the little sky hooks in the paint.

2. Miami Heat: Wade, James, Bosh, and Haslem

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    Combined Points Per Game: 90.2

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 31

    Combined Assists Per Game: 16.4

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 3.5

    Combined Steals Per Game: 4.7

    Analysis: You may ask, how are these guys not No. 1? Well on paper they should be. Until they prove that they are a contender next season, I still can not put them at the No. 1 spot.

    Wade, is going to being the scoring and defense and everything else.

    James, is one of the best players in the NBA and a two-time NBA MVP.

    Bosh is the one that will suffer most out of these four guys, because many are expecting him to do what he has done his whole career.

    Haslem will come in and be a banger down low, give the Heat 10 points and 10 rebounds, he also has the ability to step back and hit the foul-line jump shot.

    By the way, though these stats are off the charts, we all know that they will not be the same come next year. Remember they were all the best players on their team.

1. Los Angeles Lakers: Bryant, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum

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    Combined Points Per Game: 73.7

    Combined Rebounds Per Game: 29.6

    Combined Assists Per Game: 12

    Combined Blocks Per Game: 4.3

    Combined Steals Per Game: 4.0

    Analysis: The Lakers are the best team in basketball, and will again be the best team come next season, especially with the addition of Blake, Barnes, and Theo Ratliff. It just adds more veterans to the Lakers.

    Kobe will always be Kobe and put up 30 points per game.

    Artest will bring his defensive presence to the Lakers again next season, and hopefully recreate some playoff magic.

    Gasol, will continue to be the work horse down low with the soft hands around the rim.

    Bynum if healthy, can be a top center in this league. But being healthy is the key question.