Xavier Henry, Grizzlies Still Enduring Stalemate

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 28, 2010

Xavier Henry, who the Grizzlies selected a little after 20 minutes into the start of this past June's NBA Draft, still hasn't come to a contract agreement with his new team.

It is widely reported and seems to be an embarrassment for Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley , who wants to make a decency of his financial operation. Quietly shoring up a performance-based policy for newly acquired rookies, Heisley's system has to be met in order for any rookie to receive their full incentives.

Henry's agent, Arn Tellem , who is currently inquiring about opportunities for Tracy McGrady, has admitted to a stalemate with Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace and owner Michael Heisley .

Such assent towards disagreement regarding both parties could draw other options in the coming weeks.

  1. Henry could be traded.
  2. Henry could sit out.
  3. The league could get involved.

Also formatting Henry's transition was the signing of former Celtic, Tony Allen, literally in the middle of July.

The Chicago native made good of his deserving contract by admitting his interest in securing a bigger role on his new team. "Being in Boston, I was kind of overshadowed by those guys, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. I kind of feel like I am a rookie again, with something to prove."

And to make matters more confusing, O.J. Mayo, who happens to be a Grizzlies headliner, has failed to meet expectations in Summer League, which would've uncrowded the SG position and offloaded his talents strictly to point guard.

This "OJ Mayo as Lead Guard" experiment is likely to delay more, especially if he's selected to team USA, which is expected to compete in September's World Championship.