The Road Ends Here For Tim Donaghy....Hopefully

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2008

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What a road he has traveled.  From great, to disgraced, to a tumor on the NBA, Tim Donaghy has been everywhere in the news throughout his road.

Now, though, his road has seemingly ended.  But how much do we really care about what Donaghy has done to the NBA?

He has started as a ref that was well-respected and liked by others.  There was nothing wrong with him—he was seemingly just a man doing his jobm without any ill-will towards anybody.

Then came the day that Donaghy's life was turned around, when his activities off the court created consequences for what he was doing on it, and it went past just the NBA, he was being hounded by the government.

NBA Commissioner David Stern did his best to paint Donaghy as a rogue villain who didn't encompass the rest of the NBA's employees, a man who did everything solo and didn't feel the need to include others outside of his circle of friends outside of the NBA.

Then, Donaghy shed every piece of information that the NBA had put out about him being solo by saying that the NBA had been rigging games to cause playoff series to go to six or seven games.

The main point of his accusation was a 2002 playoff Game Six between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers.  There was a lot of controversy surrounding the game, especially with a lot of blown calls that went in the Lakers favor.

The Kings lost the game, then the series, and complained big time about the officiating—only to be told to suck it up, that every crew has an off night. And they were sent packing without a chance to go the NBA Finals.

The media had a field day, going on and on about whether or not Donaghy is trying to save face or if he is just releasing all the information that he knew.  Then, the ruckus died, and Donaghy was left with nothing but a trial to look forward to.

Now, Donaghy is receiving none of the attention that he once received.  When he points the finger at others, we all flock to see what he is going to say, to see who he is going to throw under the bus.  But when he finally has to own up to what he has done, all the gambling, the inside information that he had given to others, the public is not nearly in the ruckus that they were once in.

When a man gives up others, we rush to humble those people with our words and our action.  When a humbled man takes responsibility, we don't care.  Why?  Maybe it is because he is not trying to defend himself anymore.

When a conspiracy is thrown out there, we rush to figure it out.  Is it true, is it false.  But when the story is done, we go searching.  Looking for the next story that we can dig our claws into.  The next person we can humble.

But will Donaghy look for the attention some more?  When he does, we will be there, ready to pull him back for the time when he can point out more people.  Then, when he is done, we will throw him back into obscurity.

I'm Joe W.

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