2010 NBA Free Agency: Where Will Tracy McGrady and Other Top Guys Go?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2010

Years ago, Tracy McGrady, Shaquille O'Neal, and Allen Iverson ran the NBA, making millions upon millions and playing basketball at their peaks.

Fast forward to present day and these—at one point in time—franchise players are unemployed with their futures distorted due to their oversized egos.

NBAPrimetime recently posted an article about the top free agents available.

Here is a look at where the top free agents will go.


Shaquille O'Neal

Thirty-eight-year-old Shaquille O'Neal has yet to sign with a team because he still believes he deserves a contract that starts above the mid-level exception, somewhere along the lines of a $6 million starting salary.

The Atlanta Hawks and San Antonio Spurs were once interested in the Diesel, but once they became aware of his egotistical asking price, they quickly removed their names from the O'Neal sweepstakes.

Shaq has declined dramatically from the dominant center he once was and will undoubtedly remain a free agent until he takes a major pay cut and a role off the bench.

Rumors are circulating the Boston Celtics are interested in the big fella , but with their mid-level exception already spent on center Jermaine O'Neal, it doesn't seem likely they will sign Shaq as well.

Where will Shaquille O'Neal go?


Tracy McGrady

Similar to O'Neal, T-Mac has been viewed as a veteran who wants to join a team in which he can have a starter's role.

Due to a career filled with injuries and locker-room issues, the idea of McGrady averaging starter's minutes must be tossed out of his head.

Sources are reporting the Chicago Bulls are ready to sign McGrady if he could prove healthy by passing a physical, and can convince the team that he is indeed willing to accept a bench role.

With Chicago clearly leading the race in the T-Mac sweepstakes, it's expected McGrady will sign with them very shortly.


Allen Iverson

Thirty-five-year-old Allen Iverson went from playing three games in Memphis last season, to retiring, to rejoining the Philadelphia 76ers in an attempt to resurrect his exceptional career.

After personal issues, a drinking and gambling problem, and an injury, Iverson is an unrestricted free agent with no home to go to.

A.I. is seeking a decent contract with starter's minutes and it's obvious he won't be getting either of the two this offseason.

Maybe Iverson's best answer is to just retire for good.


Josh Howard

Numerous teams have reportedly been interested in Josh Howard and what he has to offer, but at the end of the day the forward remains jobless.

Howard, at one point in his career, was a 20-and-7 type of player with potential to evolve into an even better player.

After injuries and being dealt to Washington, Howard's career has plummeted.

NBA.com reported two weeks ago Howard is seriously considering re-signing with the Washington Wizards, even though the team never picked up his player option rights earlier this month.

Where do you see Josh Howard going, if anywhere?

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