NBA Power Rankings: Top Free Throw Shooters

Roy FryeContributor IIJuly 25, 2010

NBA Power Rankings: Top Free Throw Shooters

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    Free throws are an integral part of an NBA game, and they can determine the outcome. Elite foul shooters have good form as well as stellar concentration.

    This list has the ten best free throw shooters in the league right now by my opinion. The rankings on the list are not solely based on percentage, but also free throws made and attempted, and overall efficiency.

    Without further ado, lets get started.

Honorable Mentions

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    Randy Foye (129-145, 89%)- An excellent overall free throw shooter. Doesn't go to the line very often.

    Jamal Crawford (270-315, 86%)- He almost made the list. Crawford is assertive and for the most part makes his free throws.

    Luke Ridnour (127-140, 90%)- Even though he is fifth in the league in percentage he barely got to the line.

    Jason Terry (232-268, 87%)- Like Crawford, he makes his free throws and gets to the line a good amount for someone off the bench.

    David West (296-342, 87%)- A rough player that can get to the charity stripe and convert.

10. Kevin Martin

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    2009-2010 STATS: 6.5FTM- 7.4FTA 298- 340 87.6%

    Kevin Martin is an able free throw shooter. Even though he only played 46 games this season due to injury, he got to the line 340 times and made 298 of them. In addition to that, Martin once made 23 free throws in a game where he scored 50.

9. Stephen Curry

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    2009-2010 STATS: 2.2FTM- 2.5FTA 177-200 88.5%

    Like I have said before, Stephen Curry is a great shooter. That is no different at the free throw line. The good part for Curry is that he was only a rookie last season. He still has time to make his stroke even better.

8. Paul Pierce

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    2009-2010 STATS: 5.2FTM- 6.1FTA 369-433 85.2%

    Paul Pierce is a gritty player. Even though 85% isn't the best, he makes up for it by having the ability to easily draw fouls. He got to the line 433 times this year, which is a very good. His free throws barely graze the rim.

7. Mo Williams

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    2009-2010 STATS: 2.6FTM- 2.9FTA 177-198 89.4%

    Mo Williams is on a team with the worst free throw percentage in the league. At least they have one good option to shoot their technicals.

6. Manu Ginobili

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    2009-2010 STATS: 4.1FTM- 4.7FTA 309-355 87%

    Manu Ginobili is also pretty good at getting to the line. He makes 87% of his free throws, so he is very reliable at the line.

5. Chauncey Billups

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    2009-2010 STATS: 6.4FTM- 7.0FTA 466-512 91%

    Chauncey Billups is a fantastic free throw shooter. His appearance rate at the line is awfully high for a point guard, and he capitalizes on most of his attempts at 91 percent.

4. Steve Nash

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    2009-2010 STATS: 2.6FTM- 2.8FTA 211-225 93.8%

    Steve Nash lead the league in free throw percentage at 93.8, which is excellent. However, he didn't get to the line that much. Still, Nash is an amazing foul shooter regardless.

    Nash's free throw skills (VIDEO)

3. Dirk Nowitzki

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    2009-2010 STATS: 2.6FTM- 2.8FTA 211-225 93.8%

    You know how people say big men can't shoot free throws? Well not Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki is a seven footer that has the shooting touch of a guard. As a power forward, it is very important to be aggressive and get to the line a lot and Dirk does just that. It also helps that he shoots 91.5 percent.

2. Ray Allen

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    2009-2010 STATS: 2.9FTM- 3.2FTA 231-253 91.3%

    If I wrote this list a year ago, Ray Allen would have definitely been on top. Allen is such a good free throw shooter, players avoid fouling him, so he doesn't get to the line as much. However, when he does get to the line you can see how great his shot truly is. He is truly one of the greatest free throw shooters of all time.

1. Kevin Durant

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    2009-2010 STATS: 9.2FTM- 10.2FTA 756-840 90%

    For me to put Durant over Allen, just shows what a free throw shooter he is. Even though his shot isn't as pure as Allen's, he has textbook form and makes 90% of his free throws.

    He gets to the line about 10 times a game, and makes 9 of the free throws. That is also part of the reason he led the league in scoring. He led the league in free throws. Durant is still young, and his free throw percentage could get even better.

    You couple all those things together, and Durant is easily the most efficient and best free throw shooter in the NBA.