Analyzing the Possible Scenarios For Chris Paul

Adam RosenthalContributor IJuly 24, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 22:  James Posey #41 and Chris Paul #3 of the New Orleans Hornets talk on the bench during the game against the Dallas Mavericks at the New Orleans Arena on March 22, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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What will happen if Chris Paul gets traded?

Chris Paul is on the verge of forcing his way out of New Orleans, but the problem is he’s not a free agent and has two years left on his contract. He’s upset at the fact that all these teams around him are getting better, yet the Hornets have yet to do anything. Personally, I don’t think the team will trade him and if they do it will be the biggest mistake. If indeed he does get traded let’s take a look at the possible teams and players that would be involved. We all know Chris has supposedly given the Hornets a list of teams consisting of: Magic, Knicks, Lakers, Blazers, and Mavericks.

The Magic supposedly top the list of Paul’s preferred destinations and it’s easy to see why. With Dwight Howard already on the roster, Chris Paul would fit in smoothly. He and Howard would develop such good chemistry it would be scary. The Magic would most likely have to give up Jameer Nelson and Marcin Gortat, along with a few other contracts to make it work. They would instantly challenge Miami and LA for the best team going into the season.

The New York Knicks are said to be another destination Paul wouldn’t mind ending up in. A Paul and Amare Stoudemire combo would be lethal.  One of the problems with Paul going to NY is that it is assumed the Knicks would have to take a bad contract in return, which would almost eliminate the chance of getting Carmelo next year.  If I am NY that is a risk I am easily willing to take. A lineup consisting of Paul, Stoudemire, and potentially Emeka Okafor would be a lot better than Stoudemire and Raymond Felton, right?

Obviously we all know CP3 wouldn’t mind going to the Lakers, who would? If indeed that happened the Lakers would boast a lineup that is rivaled by none.  The problem with this deal is that New Orleans would want Andrew Bynum and probably Lamar Odom in return for Paul. Even though those players aren’t nearly the player Paul is, they represent the strength of LA: size. All of a sudden Pau Gasol in the middle by himself doesn’t seem so tough on opponents anymore. Should the Lakers change what has brought them the past two titles to secure a future after Kobe Bryant? That is the question.

The Blazers are a dark horse team in this situation, but provide the most valuable pieces to make this work.  The Blazers have young talent at multiple positions such as: Nicolas Batum, Jerryd Bayless, Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez and more. Paul and Brandon Roy would instantly become one of the best if not the best back court in the league.

The Mavericks are another team that has been trying to lure Chris Paul. Mark Cuban will probably be willing to trade anyone not named Dirk to land Paul. The Mavericks are already a good team and with Paul they might just be able to take that next step!