Chris Paul To The Knicks Would Be a Perfect Fit

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIJuly 23, 2010


As the 2010 NBA offseason rolls on, so does the drama.

The infamous "Decision" and the drama of Cleveland have only been the starting points for this year's NBA offseason. As of now, the biggest rumor may be of Chris Paul possibly moving to a different team.

Could the Knicks become a bigger story than the Heat?

In recent news, Chris Paul has allegedly said he wants out of New Orleans and wants to also play with another superstar, whoever that may be. As an NBA fan, I would love to see a great player like Chris Paul play for a powerhouse team next year. Though the Hornets had some success at the beginning, the audience rarely gets to see Paul play anymore, due to the Hornets' recent lack of success.

If Paul were to land in New York, which is where I believe he is going to go, there is a big chance that Carmelo Anthony will follow. As you may already know, Anthony had also wanted out of his Denver team, and if Paul and Anthony both arrive in the Big Apple, this New York franchise will be revived instantly.

Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire would play better off one another than LeBron, Wade, and Bosh would. The team just fits better together.

Paul is a point guard who can play in any type of system. Paul would gladly give up his No. 1 position in order to make the team better for Anthony and Stoudemire. With Mike D'Antoni, I would expect a pick-and-roll offense that runs into a fast-break system. With Paul running the floor with Amare and Anthony, this team could be devastating.

Though Anthony would be the go-to-guy, Paul would be the leader and Amare would be the third wheel on the Knicks. Like I said, this team fits and would work better together than the Heat.

Another upside for the Knicks would be their outside shooting. With Anthony and Danilo Gallinari shooting from the outside, this team would become the next Phoenix Suns that we saw a couple years back with Steve Nash and Amare at their best.

The only problem with this team may be the past relationship issues between Coach D'Antoni and Amare, but who knows, that might have changed.

If this deal were to happen, the Lakers have met their potential contenders. As usual the Lakers are still the favorites going into next season and even if the Knicks can acquire Paul and Anthony, the Lakers can still match-up pretty well with the Knicks.

Chris Paul would be too quick for an old Fisher to guard, Gallinari isn't a problem for Kobe, Carmelo would match-up well with Artest, Amare would most likely punish Pau on the break, and Curry wouldn't pose too much of a problem to Bynum.

As you can see, Paul is the only real mismatch if you call it that. Fisher is known for his defense and though Paul is one of the quickest guards in the league, the Lakers have great team defense.

According to the trend of this years 2010 NBA offseason, I am going to make a prediction that Paul and Anthony are both going to the Big Apple. If this does really happen, the NBA is going to present four major teams next year: the Lakers, Heat, Knicks, and Bulls.

I can't wait to see "Where Amazing Will Happen This Year." Can you?