Why Are They Hating On The Heat?...

George Anaya JrContributor IJuly 22, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:   LeBron James #6, Dwyane Wade #3 and Chris Bosh #1 of the Miami Heat speak after being introduced to fans during a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

The reaction the main stream press is having to the Miami Heat is puzzling to me. I can certainly understand the Cleveland media having some snide editorials. Talk radio rhetoric in the region, I get it; they are disappointed and thus angry. Lebron James was their main attraction. My heart goes out to the fans in Cleveland. If Wade would have left Miami, I certainly may have had similar feelings. Where I am confused is not with the media response in the Cleveland area, but with that of the sports media in general.

In my opinion, journalist should be well founded in their facts and for the most part unbiased. What has happened to journalistic integrity when it comes to the subject of this years Miami Heat? The ill founded, ignorant analogies to the Yankees do not make sense. Basically every player on the Heat is taking less money to be on this team than they could have made elsewhere. In the case of the big three, they are also sacrificing personal statistics in the pursuit of rings. What is wrong with that?



This is a commitment to something purer than God money. Personally, I find it refreshing and commendable. Why are so many people taking exception with this?  The Yankees make it rain on the best players in baseball, while also offering them access to the biggest media market in the world for their sport. You are not going to the Yankees as an athlete and sacrificing anything. This Heat team is truly built on sacrifice with the clear objective of achieving greatness.

I take special exception with a few members of the press. Charles Barkley (who is only a member of the media because he is a circus act, unbeknown to himself, who people laugh at), Jon Berry and Sports Illustrated writer Ian Thomsen. These guys (along with many others on this topic) are in my observation just the true definition of "Player Haters".

Charles, how many rings do you have? Don’t I recall you trying to align with talent in Olajuwon and Drexler to win, but it was too late for you because you were in the sunset of your drunken, gambling filled, drama plagued career? Oh and the recent bit when you were driving drunk to pick up a street walker? And Charles, didn’t you actually take your mothers house away from her to suit your comical political ambitions? And don’t forget spitting on that little girl. I know you were trying to anoint the heckler next to her... That’s a rational thing to do, spit on fans.



You are a real class act Sir Charles. If I were D Wade I would drop you form my Fab 5 (wait I never would have had you there to begin with because I would refuse to be associated with you). So when you say that Lebron isn’t one of the great ones because he would try and win it all by himself if he was great; what are we to infer about your departure from Philadelphia after eight seasons? 

He was in Cleveland for seven seasons. Is that extra year without a ring the difference maker in your mind?


You are an absolute hypocrite Sir Charles, who hates on Miami. Go back to Alabama and get off the T.V. please. You cannot even put together a coherent sentence. You consistently forget what you are saying in mid speech. Your fellow anchors openly laugh at you while you are oblivious.

JB, how many rings do you have? You were always a winy cry baby who didn’t make the best decisions. Lets not forget that in 1992 you refused to sign with the Celtics, the team who drafted you (and are one of the most decorated franchises in professional sports) only to be traded to the Bucks and ending that season in the cellar. Pure genius on your behalf, really, the big three need to listen to your career advice. You have clearly shown that you know what you are talking about. Telling the viewers that Lebron made a bad move by going to Miami to join Wade and Bosh with a GM like Riley sounds pretty silly to me JB. You always have hated on the Heat. Why is ESPN paying this schmuck? 

Mr. Ian Thomsen, what can I say? You take the guys who are on your cover, selling your magazine, generating your ad revenues (and will continue to for several years to come) and betray them. You say Lebron is no longer lovable, you claim that even if Miami wins championships it’s only because they cut corners, the quotes you choose to feature depict the Heat, and particularly Lebron, in a very negative light. Do you feel that Lebron was property of Dan Gilbert? He was a FREE agent! Neither Miami nor Lebron did anything wrong. What is Thomsen's problem? How did S.I. publish this piece? It was terrible, shallow and had no journalistic value whatsoever. I feel like boycotting S.I. because of this.

It seems like everyone wants to hate on Miami. Even before Lebron made it public he was going to South Beach, the peanut gallery always excluded Miami as a legitimate landing spot despite their having more money, better living destination, no state tax and a first class organization quarterbacked by the living definition of a winner in Riles. Why this prejudice? I really would love to hear a logical explanation. My thesis is that the mainstream press just hates on Miami. Why? Well that can have some dicey side discussions I'll save for future pieces. 

Lebron ripped his jersey off after the game six loss to the Celtics while going into the tunnel. He didn’t talk to the Cavs about returning in the off-season. He had no interest in being in Cleveland. Either the Cavs are seriously lacking in mental bandwidth or they intentionally mislead their fans while grossly mismanaging their off-season. With all the big free agent names in this off-season they should have moved quickly to push their chips all in with LBJ, when he didn’t call, go subsidize the loss by bringing in talent and start rebuilding. Now they are left with nothing! This is why they are losers’. Their actions define them.

Would Micky Arison have gone on the rant Gilbert did had Wade left? Never. He would have expressed disappointment, wished him luck and started defining the future with players and not voodoo curses. 

Gilbert must have been three sheets to the wind when he hit the send button on that one, but then again this guy ripped all the seats out of the arena because he didn’t like the color. He's not an egomaniac?...



Dan Gilbert’s response is actually amusing to me. Who would you rather play for, Gilbert or Arison? Where would you rather live, Cleveland or Miami? Despite all the P.C. verbiage LBJ has spat, this had to be an easy choice once it was not just about the money or personal stats. 

As a Heat fan, I am ecstatic. We have a great future to look forward to. This is going to be great for the city of Miami in general. Pat Riley has established himself as the best executive in the NBA. Now he needs to help get the big three some real publicists that can handle their business.



These guys need to be better managed from a PR perspective. Especially now with the magnifying glass on them the way it will be for years to come. The World Trade Center reference Wade made, though taken out of context by AOL, was ill thought. Lebrons' one hour announcement was in my opinion obnoxious, and If S.I. wants my clients on the cover, I am going to know what the content in their piece is going to be.



The nonsense that was written in the latest Sports Illustrated would never have my client on the cover smiling for it while clowning themselves as a result. Believe me, there would have been plenty of other takers on our terms! Non opinionated and fair reporting as a prerequisite to have the big 3 on the cover should not be too much to ask for. The big three (or three kings) are bigger than S.I.

Heat fans this is what we dreamed of. Lets be grateful to the franchise for making it happen. And fellow Heat fans....Lets get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!!!