Who Is Next to Get Moved This Summer?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2008

The NBA free agency kicked off on draft night when OJ Mayo went to the Grizzlies and Kevin Love with Mike Miller went to the Timberwolves. Even the day before Yi Jianlian of the Bucks and Richard Jefferson of the Nets swapped teams.

Since then big deals have been happening as teams are looking to win now with their rosters.

Baron Davis and Marcus Camby are Clippers, Elton Brand is a 76er, and Ron Artest is a Rocket. All of these moves, with other big moves this offseason, are making teams go from good to contenders.

So who is next to go?

Luol Deng is near a $70 million contract with the Bulls, which means Ben Gordon could be on his way out.

The Bulls loaded back court and really not having any cap space left will have Gordon on the move.

Gordon is a streaky shooter, but when he gets going he gets going. He was more effective coming off the bench, but he wants to try to get a starting job. Kirk Hinrich will most likely be moved from a point guard to shooting guard with Derrick Rose coming in, leaving Gordon out.

The Bulls are left to a decision to sign and trade Gordon. They would like to keep Gordon in the front office and trade Larry Hughes, but that cannot happen.

The possible trading destinations for Gordon are the Jazz, Cavaliers, and Philadelphia.

The Jazz with Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Coach Jerry Sloan have them as a top four team in the West. Corey Brewer did a great job as a defender and Kyle Korver did a great job coming off the bench, but getting a player in Gordon can really be effective in a pick and roll system.

The Jazz could add depth and be an effective team with Gordon. A possible trade scenario is the Bulls signing Gordon and trading him for Matt Harprings large expiring contract and a second round pick.

The Bulls get a small forward who can add depth and be an effective shooter behind Luol Deng and Andres Nocioni.

Delonte West is a player who has been unappreciated since he was at St Joes. He was overshadowed by Jameer Nelson and when he got to the league was never given a full opportunity to show what he had.

The Cleveland Cavaliers picking him up let West show his talent. He was the enforcer next to LeBron as a point guard. Only problem is that the Cavaliers are not near a deal and one of West's friend was reported saying he was not that excited playing next to LeBron James.

The Miami Heat has expressed interest, which is where I think he will land. Mario Chalmers needs to grow as a player and the Heat need a proven point guard.

West can set up Dwayne Wade, Michael Beasley, and Shawn Marion, but can also be an effective scorer.

Cleveland is an ideal fit, but if they do not look like they can keep him happy. He wants a contract like Daniel Gibson, which the Cavs are unlikely to do.

Josh Smith is the biggest free agent on the market. Since the season ended I believed Smith was on his way out. He did not get along with Mike Woodson and the organization and they were not too happy about his attitude.

The Clippers, Warriors, and 76ers, before they made their big moves and spent their money, were interested in Smith. He lucked out. Now the Memphis Grizzlies are the only real team with cap space, but I do not believe they will make the push to get him.

The Hawks are left with an option to sign and trade Smith. This works for both sides. The possibilities are with the Mavericks and Pistons.

The Mavericks can trade Josh Howard for Josh Smith to get the Mavericks that defender they needed. Imagining Jason Kidd with Josh Smith and Gerald Green running with will be similar to when he got the Nets to the finals twice.

The Hawks would get a scorer next to Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby with Howard to give them a more balanced offense.

The Mavericks have the offer on the table and it comes down to Mark Cuban on whether or not if he is up to the deal.

Joe Dumars said he was going to make a big move. He signed Kwame Brown. Yeah, that is not quite the big move we expected. They reportedly were looking at Smith where they can trade Tayshawn Prince.

Prince is the most underrated player in the NBA. He shuts down most of the players he covers and gives a consistency on scoring. However, adding an athletic force in Smith would be a boost for the Pistons. But how will his attitude fair with Rasheed Wallace? Unless Sheed is traded too it would not work.

The Hawks would get a consistent player who can defend and not take poor shots and be a distraction like Smith.

So far the offseason has been promising with a lot of big deals. Many teams are looking to win now and are building on that.

Gordon, West, and Smith are among the big talent looking to make an impact for another team in the Fall.