The Lakers Are Interested in Jeremy Lin: The Feel Good Story

Hayden Kim@@HayDayKimCorrespondent IIIJuly 20, 2010

What comes to mind when you heard the name Jeremy Lin?

I'm guessing nothing for most of you.

But don't feel bad, I'm on the same boat.

Jeremy Lin is a 6-3, 200 lbs guard out of Harvard. Did I mention he is an Asian American?

Lin may be the most underrated players in the NBA Summer League this year. Lin showed he could play at the highest level of basketball against the Sacramento Kings in a summer league game this year. In 19 minutes, Lin scored 12 (PTS), had 5 (REBS), and 1 (STL). I can see why the Lakers may be interested in this unknown player out of Palo Alto High School.

At his last year at Harvard University Lin averaged: 16.4 (PPG), 4.4 (APG), 4.4 (RPG), and 2.4 (SPG).

Though Lin played in the joke called the Ivy League, his numbers are still impressive. Don't over look the fact that he played in a weak league; Lin has proven that his game is for real.

After researching Lin on the web today, I found one particular video footage that made my jaw drop: Dec. 6, 2009, Harvard vs. UConn. Now before I reveal Lin's eye-opening performance, lets take in the fact that UConn was ranked 13th in the nation and Harvard was playing at Connecticut.

On paper this should have been the easiest game for UConn during their 2008-2009 season, but things don't always go according to plan.

Lin ended up with 30 (PTS), 9 (REBS), 3 (ASTS), and 2 (BLKS), one that became a YouTube hit.

As you can see Lin isn't afraid of the opposing team, even if they are nationally ranked and they have potential NBA players on their team. This confidence is the reason why Lin may make history for Asian-Americans in the near future.

From the very beginning Lin was destined to dribble a round ball. His father had grown up in Taiwan and had always dreamed of one day teaching his children to love the game called basketball.

Jeremy's parents are immigrants from Taiwan and when they came to the states, Jeremy Lin and his two brothers were born in the City Of Angels.

Though Jeremy's father had never picked up a ball until he came to California to further pursue his dream of receiving a PHD, he had recorded numerous tapes of NBA Greats. Lin's father was a student of the game, watching Magic Johnson, Kareem, and the great MJ.

Jeremy's father told himself that one day he would install all that he has learned into his children minds so that one day they could come to love the game their father had once loved so much.

Once Jeremy was five years old, his father immediately rushed him to the local YMCA and Jeremy and his brothers got right to work, starting with the basic fundamentals of the game. Jeremy's dad wanted to put them to work until the game became second nature to his son's so that the rest would come easy for them.

The work and passion for the game had paid off for Jeremy's father. Though Jeremy had his ups and downs while playing the game he loved, receiving endless taunts about his ethnicity and having to deal with these people day in and day out, Jeremy ended up going to Harvard to receive both education and D2 exposure.

Jeremy went on to become the Division 2 player of the year in 2009. The surprising thing was no NBA teams had contacted Lin, and this left him to join the Dallas Mavericks' Summer League team this year. And he has done nothing but prove people wrong once again.

Now the Lakers, the returning champs, are interested in planting a seed in this young prospect of Jeremy Lin. No one can deny Lin's potential and his knowledge of the game. If you had to describe Lin's game in one word, it would have to be smart. The reason why Lin could dominate at his size and stature is not because of his fundamentally sound game, though it had helped, but it was because of his knowledge of the game.

This is the one reason why the Lakers are interested in Lin. He is smart and skilled. Considering Lin is out of Harvard, he should have no problem learning the infamous Triangle Offense.

I have a feeling that Lin could have a potential future in the game of basketball whether it be with the Lakers or some team like the Dallas Mavericks.

Keep up the good work Lin, you have been an inspiration to us all to become the best that we could be.