Don't Give Up Now, There's Still Hope in Toronto!

Arman HaiderContributor IJuly 17, 2010

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Is it just me, or is every time I hear something about the Raptors, it's negative.

From Charles Barkley's comment about not just Raptors, but all of Toronto's major sports being terrible, and to all the articles out there, the Toronto Raptors are talked about like they are the worst team in the history of the NBA.

Well let's focus on the positives for a minute.

Sure Chris Bosh is gone, and it may not be a good thing but it certainly isn't a terrible thing either. Sure he was our best player for the past few years, but how many teams build their team around one big man and make it far. Don't give me a Dirk, or a Duncan, because we don't have a Jason Kidd, or a Jason Terry, and not even close to a Ginobli.

Think about Bosh now, he's gone to Miami with Wade and Lebron. Now think how many times in a Miami game you will hear Bosh. His numbers are probably going to drop to 15 and eight, and he'll be like any other starter PF in the league.

Aside from losing Bosh, we also lost Turkoglu, but I don't really hear any one complaining. If you are complaining, let me remind you how terribly he played last year, along with off court issues and to put the icing on the cake, his $50 million contract. If you're still complaining, I apologize but you just don't understand the game.

With the trade for Turkoglu, we also had a near excitement trade that would have given Reggie Evans and Jose Calderon to the Bobcats for Tyson Chandler and Borris Diaw. When I first heard of this trade I was incredibly happy, but Micheal Jordan changed his mind and decided to trade Tyson Chandler to the Mavs instead. He would go much better with J.Kidd anyway.

Before I continue, here's a short list of names of who we lost and who we acquired.

Gone so far are:

C.Bosh, A.Wright, H.Turkoglu,

Gained so far are:

L.Barbosa, E.Davis, S.Alabi.

The three gains for Raps, two from the Draft, and Barbosa from Suns, are all great pickups. Barbosa is that sixth man every team wants. He can come into the game and give instant offense. Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi are two players the raptors have dreamed of since their terrible defense started. They are both good and lengthy, and have a feel for grabbing boards and getting in the players face. This is the attitude and style we need to improve our core defense.

Now Wright was a great addition to the perimeter defense, but I don't think think we'll be seeing him again. Back to the deal with Charlotte, to be honest I'm glad it didn't go down. If you think about the Raptors players and their playing style, we really need a pure PG, and I think Jose fits the spot perfectly. He passes the ball great and has incredible chemistry with our "Young Gunz". Hopefully he'll be better this season.

Another major fact is Bargnani. He is most likely our new offensive leader, with Bosh out of the picture. I can see him becoming a Dirk in the future, this is his time to sieze the moment or he could be a major bust.

And last but not least, our "Young Gunz"

Demar Derozan, and Sonny Weems are two of the Young Gunz that are already showing their colour. In Torontos 4-0 summer league week, Derozan averaged 20.3 PPG, and Sonny Weems averaged 17.6. This shows they have been working on their offense, and I'm excited to see what they can do! The missing name in this class is Amir Johnson, who isn't attending the summer league, but he alerted the Raptors' Fans that he has been working hard at his game and he's very excited. Its great to see we have hope in the near future for our franchise.

If all these reasons aren't satisfying enough to make you believe the Raps aren't playoff worthy, I have one last reason for you!

Let's look at the weak East. The No. 1 team just dropped from the playoff race, and Miami was always a playoff contender. New Jersey doesn't look like a playoff team yet, and New York only acquired Amare Stoudemire as their biggest name. May I remind you Amare without Nash isn't that great of an Amare. This just makes the playoffs so much easier to get in for the Raps, I think we actually have a shot this year, WITHOUT BOSH!

I Wonder what Charles Barkley will say if we make it?