LeBron James Set To Average First Triple-Double of This Generation

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJuly 17, 2010

He stands at 6'7", weighing 250-plus pounds with acute court vision, better ball handling skills than a point guard, and a physique that can absolutely overpower any opponent in his path.

His name is LeBron James.

And this season, The King will average the first triple-double since Oscar "The Big O" Robertson.

Much like Robertson, James is an extremely versatile big man that is much better suited making plays with the ball in his hands.


The Mismatch

James running the point for the Miami Heat instantly creates a catastrophic mismatch for any team that competes against the squad on that given night.

Defensively, James (who boasts a career average of 1.7 steals per game and 0.9 blocks per game) would be assigned to defend the opponents' point guard, something the superstar has done in the past and will take pride in doing (If you're questioning James' ability to defend the point guard for 35-plus minutes per game, his teammate Dwyane Wade can always switch defenders to help him out).

Offensively, opponents would have no answer for James. If a point guard is guarding LeBron, he will simply use his incredible stature to bully the defender. 

If the team decides to place their small forward on LJ, then the point guard would be forced to either defend Dwyane Wade or Mike Miller, both being mismatches as well.

Regardless of how good a team's game plan is, Miami playing LeBron at the point creates serious havoc.


The Triple-Double

With LeBron not forced into scoring 30-plus points per game and the pressure of carrying his team completely off of his shoulders, James will turn into this generation's Magic Johnson (a player James has looked up to and emulated his entire life).

His ability to find the open man on the court and create the mismatch while doing so will enable Wade to score close to his normal career averages, Mike Miller to emerge as a top contender for the most three-pointers made during the regular season, Chris Bosh to slam down alley-oops and open spot-up jumpers, and James to average well over 10 assists per game. 

If and when James cannot find an open man or one of his teammates misses a bucket, the superstar will undoubtedly be there to collect (like a Rajon Rondo, except LeBron James style. Could you imagine all those offensive put-back slam dunks?).

This will give James the opportunity to snatch at least 10 boards per contest.

While LeBron will not post his career average of 27.8 points per game, the specimen will likely come pretty close to it due to easy baskets, free-throw attempts, and open jumpers.

This style of play will give LeBron James the historic opportunity to average a triple-double, something that many believe, including Robertson, would never happen again after The Big O did it back in the 60s.

Could a player with such a "big ego" step aside from the all-me spotlight and decide to simply let his unselfish distributing and play-making ability do the talking?


LeBron James Triple Double Total— 34

Oscar Robertson Triple Double Total— 181

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