I'm Sorry, There Must Be a Mix-Up...Why Can't The King Reign in Miami?

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I'm Sorry, There Must Be a Mix-Up...Why Can't The King Reign in Miami?
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I grew up a basketball fan. I loved reading my NBA history books, and watching the vintage video's of great players and teams of the past. To me they were like witnessing these immortal figures in basketball lure.


I read about the great Lakers, Knicks, and Celtics teams, the ABA teams, the journeys of Wilt, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Earl Monroe, and Kareem to championship teams.


My point is that we have a chance to witness another historical opportunity for the ages, and everyone seems to want to miss out on it.


I loved watching the showtime teams of the 80's and the Celtics go at it. I got to see Dream Team 1, I got to see Michael Jordan, witness Shaq and Penny, and Shaq and Kobe in their primes. So why in the world would I have an issue with another chance to see greatness?


So I had to share some of my thoughts over Lebron going to play in Miami. So if Lebron went to New York, and paired with Amare, and Carmelo it would have been better. What if went to Chicago and played with Boozer, Noah, and Rose, it would be his best “basketball” move. Why don't those scenario's hurt his brand? Make him a sell out for wanting the best teammates, he could have.


I thought people liked when a guy chose winning over the money or the personal glory. Isn't that why fans bitch all the time about today's stars? Instead of admiring him for taking less money, and wanting to be a teammate versus being the team. Instead he is deemed selfish for not feeding his macho ego, and not being image conscious enough.


People are painting this picture of him wussing out, by taking the easy road to titles. So when Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain paired up in LA, they were all wimps. I mean surely their brand is tarnished forever. Jerry West is only the NBA logo. Wilt is like Paul Bunyan in lore, and only his knees, and Donald Sterling could slow Baylor.


Surely Earl Monroe, Frazier, Reed, and the rest of that Knicks team must feel ashamed they had such talented teammates. Magic shouldn't have demanded the Lakers not pair him with another superstar, like Kareem. Didn't he know all he really needed for Showtime was himself. Maybe he could have made lots more money, and been able to sell his brand better, had he only won one by himself. But I guess Magic, just didn't have good business sense.


Larry Bird could have been legendary, if he didn't have Parish, and McHale, stealing his shine. Bill Russell can't consider himself a true super star like Kobe, and Jordan, because his team, was just too deep and talented, and he didn't shoot the game winners.


Then there is this notion they can't co-exist on the court. If you don't think they can, then I am sorry but you don't know the game of basketball. All of these players have incredible basketball IQ's, and truly study the game.


The summer Olympics, and the versatility of their games, served as a preview of what to expect. Three guys who can spread the court, finish around the basket, create their own shots, and yet get others involved. They aren't like most of the NBA players who are just athletes, or specialists. They are all skilled basketball players, who have the ability to adapt to what is needed game to game. All can demand double teams, and are selfless enough enough to make the best basketball play. The game will be much easier for them now, that is the biggest change they face.



Look at Lebron be actually likes to pass. In fact, he likes to do a bit of everything. Through out his career, he never was just a scorer. In high school he was trying to get his teammates involved first. His vision and feel make Lebron's game much more like that of Magic, then Jordan. He perfectly teams up with Wade and Bosh who also prefers to pick their spots and, play an all around game as well.


Let me address this 1 Alpha dog on the team, theory. If the teams of the past, haven't disproved that already, (Penny and Shaq, Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem, Robertson and Alcindor, Jordan and Pippen, West and Chamberlain, Duncan and Robinson, etc) then maybe looking at the players personalities will.


Much like their games, their ego's mesh well. While Kobe couldn't take sharing the lime light with Shaq, Wade embraced it. Bosh was sought after by many teams, because of his willingness to share the limelight. And all along James has said he wanted to play for the team that gives him the best chance to win.


Why would they have this sudden change, and have to be the man. All are smart, mature, and have overcome adversity in life to become the men they are. When many of today's athletes seem lost, these three have always gotten it. The Pistons and Spurs get applauded for playing the right way, why can't superstars do it too.


So it will hurt his image they say. I mean how can he go to Wade's team, still be the "man" to market? Ummm, because he is Lebron freaking James. He could be one of the most marketable names in the world, and he did that from Cleveland. He has no rings, doesn't play for a great historical franchise, and still is King.


With titles comes more global publicity. That means in Europe, India, and Asia open up even more. So no it will not hurt his brand. In fact this Big 3 could leave a legacy for future generations of kids throughout the world.

We are talking about the chance for greatness. Together the Beatles were great, individually there careers were really good. Who made the Beatles better Paul, or John, does anyone really care?


Dynasty's in sports force everyone else have to try and get better. It happened in baseball, football, hockey, college sports, etc. The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Packers, Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, Yankees, Norte Dame, Miami, UCLA, Kentucky, USC, etc made their historical marks by changing the landscapes of their sports.


It makes for better teams, better games, more off-season action, and stronger contenders. Sorry, but I don't appreciate mediocrity for parity sake. Besides this changes very little across the board in the NBA. 16 teams in the NBA made the playoffs, 15 did not have Lebron James. Only 4 of them were considered contenders (Lakers, Cav's, Magic, and Celtics) The Lakers were loaded with deep versatile talent, the Celts have a big 4, and the Magic had 3 max contracts on their team.


If you take out the Cav's, and add the Heat, how does this hinder the competitiveness of the NBA. Teams like the Timberwolves still stink, while teams like OK City are still up and coming. Franchises like the Mav's, Suns, Spurs, Nuggets, and Hawks still are in second tier mix. So other then the bar being raised for a true championship contender, what is really different?


I yearn to witness opportunities for greatness. Because great is something truly historical, exciting, memorable, and amazing. So isn't the NBA where amazing happens, we get the chance, and everyone is hating. Uh, I'm sorry there must be a mix-up.

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