My All-Star Starting Lineup in the NBA

Adam Glassman@adglassmanContributor IJuly 15, 2010

My All-Star Starting Lineup in the NBA

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    This is my ideal starting lineup in the NBA. It will cover the Point Guard position, Shooting Guard position, Small Forward position, Power Forward position, and Center position.

    If you disagree or think that someone else should be in there instead of the person I already have, then just leave a comment.

    Feel free to rate and comment.

Point Guard - Steve Nash

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    I know a lot of you are shaking your heads out there but let me explain.

    Nash definitely is NOT the best point guard in the NBA. I actually think either Deron Williams or Chris Paul is. But Steve Nash blends in better with a team of All-Stars due to his passing ability.

    Nash is the NBA's no.1 man in assists. He helps other players and make them seem better. If you have a team of All-Stars then you want all of them to get the ball which is why Nash is a good selection for this. He is not only an All-Star but he is a great distributer.

    So he can pass but what else can he do? Well as we all know he has a fantastic shot. He can score with ease. If he has to because nobody else is open, he can put the ball into the bucket. He can score from anywhere on the court and has a great three point shot.

Shooting Guard - Kobe Bryant

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    I don't think I need to explain this one. All the explanation is in the name. The next one too, you could probably take a guess and get it correct.

Small Forward - LeBron James

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    Yes it's LeBron. Sorry Carmelo and Durant, you are both great players but LeBron might even be the BEST player. We all know what he's capable of, even down in South Beach so let's just move on....

Power Forward - Chris Bosh

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    This was so hard to do because I really wanted Duncan to be the man, but unfortunately he just can't compete nowadays. He is the best Power Forward of all time but Bosh is the best currently.

    It was tough though. Bosh and Dirk are the two best Power Forwards but I gave the edge to Bosh simply because he is more traditional. He works inside the paint and gets his points that way.

Center - Dwight Howard

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    Dwight can simply get what needs to be done, done. He is a fantastic center who's only real competition has been Yao.

    Yao is a great player certainly, but in my opinion lacks the athleticism and leadership that Dwight shows. He is certainly one of the best players in the league right now.

    I know I am going to get mixed opinions from taking Dwight over Yao in this but if you disagree, leave your opinion in the comments below.