Cleveland Cavaliers: Could Tmac and A.I. Fill the Void Lebron Left?

Matt KunzlerContributor IJuly 15, 2010

Pain and agony are the only words that can describe what the city of Cleveland is going through. Lebron James brought fans to a team that was never known to have sell out crowds. The King brought an excitement to the Cleveland atmosphere each and every home game. However for Cleveland those days are over. Lebron went on to "bigger and better things" leaving Cleveland with nothing more than a few die hard fans, new coach, and several hopeless players. I stongly believe that the answer to Cleveland's new problem is two players that many believe to be wash ups: Allen Iverson, and Tracy McGrady.

After a brief stint with Memphis, Iverson had an emotional return to Philadelphia where he said that he knew he still had game. After only a few games with the 76ers, Allen left the remainder of the regular season due to personal reasons. This offseason he has said he wants to come back and is willing to accept almost any role a team has to offer.

After Tracy McGrady's microfracture knee surgery, he hasn't really played much. He wanted to play more, but Houston's Rick Adelman wanted to slowly work him back into the rotation. McGrady refused, and was shortly thereafter traded to New York. With the Knicks he was given the time he wanted, but in almost every game pulled himself out. He said that he was never 100%, but by the start of next season he explained to the press that he should be. McGrady has expressed his desire to play with a title competing team, but many speculate that his pride couldn't handle the league minimum plus a being just a role player.

With Delonte West likely leaving, and Lebron already gone, the Cavaliers have some huge shoes to fill at the three, and a role player at the two. I really liked what I saw out of JaMario Moon in the Chicago series, and I think that bringing in Tracy to fill the starting role would complement him well. Moon could learn under McGrady while still playing around twenty to twenty-five minutes per game. Also McGrady showed many brief "stints" of his stardom in New York. Although many will disagree, I am convinced that given the right circumstances, Tracy will have a turn around year upcoming. As for the two spot, bring in Allen Iverson for the veterans sake, he still has some of the best scoring abilities in the league and could really complement Mo williams, and T-Mac. He could have the same type of role that Derek Fisher had in Utah, where he started at the two spot, but was also the back up at the point.


PG- Mo Williams, SG-Allen Iverson, SF-Tracy McGrady, PF-Antawn Jamison, C-Anderson Varejao

Main Bench Players: Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker, J.J. Hickson, Jamarion Moon, Leon Powe


Many will argue that both players are washed up, useless players. However, I beg you to differ. Tracy has had injuries, but is not as old as he seems, and Allen has not been in the right circumstances to succeed. Both players would not demand hardly any money, and with the money that you have left, the Cavs could invest in a post player to help out. I understand and agree that this will be a total risky move, seeing that neither player did anything with their previous team, but we do need to remember that Allen and McGrady have both one several scoring titles, and Iverson an MVP trophy. And if they don't bring their game to the table, atleast people will show up to the games.


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