Is Danny Granger Enough To Get the Chicago Bulls the Larry O'Brien Trophy?

Del ChocContributor IIJuly 14, 2010

It's definite, before Derrick Rose's career is over he'll be considered a top-10 player when mentioned from 2008 onto what's already in sight. We're talking about a sophomore Lead Guard who finished the 2010 regular season with a better scoring output than Joe Johnson, an All-Star, fellow Eastern conference foe, and get this, a leading scorer for the Hawks who arguably has better scoring options around in Atlanta than Chicago. Last year Rose's most reliable second options were Deng and Hinrich — dull Robins compared to Crawford, Smith and Horford — neither of whose best accomplishments have met (and aren't meeting) Rose's standard.

Admitting that, the Bulls will have added one marquee name come fall, headlining aside Rose — Carlos Boozer. Obviously, if anyone saw his games in Utah you'll know Boozer isn't a Robin. He's Batwoman, for lack of a better term.

So ask yourself: Rose, it enough?

It can be if management knock another home run out the park. Because currently their playoff projection goes in unison to top-five once the playoffs embark, which isn't discouraging. But, of course, there's room left to be desired.

I got a chance to check out an ESPN series that features Scoop Jackson — mainly him and athletes sharing their subjective thoughts about relevant sports topics of that time and period. Danny Granger participated in a single video podcast, and while dismissing the bulk of the conversation, one expressed conflict that stood out — strikingly how frustrating it was to not be enabled to compete further into July.

Instantly you wonder, "well, will Bird take calls upon the NBA's eighth leading regular season scorer?" Ask anyone around that organization, they're listening.

I have a hard time selling myself on Bird not listening. He's the same GM that just drafted Paul George out of Fresno State, an enigma who's best suited at the three than two. He's the same GM that didn't smother rattlings about Granger for the Nets' Harris.

So in fair nature to Indiana, why not flip a trade and get a lead-man that's so needed there?

Names coming around to me are Jameer Nelson...Darren Collison...Devin Harris...and Monta Ellis.

Monta Ellis...okay.

How about Granger to Chicago; Deng and Johnson to Golden State, where wings are a necessity; Monta Ellis and Taj Gibson to Indiana Pacers?

Naturally the details concerning picks and cash will counsel itself.

Bulls are getting back an absolutely proficient shooter with little mileage. He's a strong 6'8" or 6'9", possessing great intangibles throughout the tunnel and public-eye. The only forward that was better last year in the Eastern Conference went by the name James, who Granger remains to reign over in terms of pure shooting.

Team him up with Derrick Rose and you're looking at back-to-back fantasy selections. Also, both together make way for a greater than norm chance in hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy, which according to their respective high PER(s), it goes without stating for creditability of previous trends. Bulls persistence to remain in the top tier of defense only strengthen the validity of this topic too.