Rautins struggles in second game, chats with fans afterwards

Ryan MaloneyContributor IIJuly 12, 2010
Not Andy Rautins
"Playing in the best conference in the country, the most physical conference, and playing against top-20 teams almost every single night in front of 30,000 fans will get you ready for the league for sure. It helped me a great deal."
"Obviously I am going to try to earn my spot every day. It means a great deal to me to stay at home. I built a great foundation and fan base at Syracuse. It is going to be a great transition for me. My family will be here coming to the games so it is exciting."
"I was going to wear number one, but Amar'e came. I can't wait to play with him. You look at the things he accomplished in Phoenix with Steve Nash. I can't wait to build a rapport with him. He is our big name guy and I look forward to having him here."
"Ha! That will be fun. Hopefully he doesn't trash me too much on TV. I will throw some jabs his way during the game and hopefully he will be able to hear me."
"We won today which is a plus, and yesterday Landry and I got our feet wet and had decent games. I am trying to get accustomed to playing at this level and getting my shot more consistent."
"Probably between a JJ Redick and Steve Blake type. I can knock down the deep shots like JJ and Steve, I handle the ball a lot like he does." (Read: I am white.)
"I have gotten used to playing there throughout the years. Obviously it will be nerve wracking to step on the floor. As a rookie it can be a little bit daunting, but it will be a dream come true. I am looking forward to it. Plus, I played in the six-OT game with 'Cuse."