Miami HEAT: “Run D.L.C.” How Much Do These NBA Analysts Really Know?

Adam RosenthalContributor IJuly 10, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:  Fans cheer as (L-R) Dwyane Wade #3, Chris Bosh #1 and LeBron James #6 of the Miami Heat are introduced during a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

I’ve heard and read all the analysts on TV. I have sat through the criticism already and it’s only been 3 freaking days. I know the media is going to dig into this, like someone was drilling for oil (Is it a wrong time to use that example?). I am a HEAT fan and am more excited about this than I have ever been, but I’m open enough to take a step back and look at the whole situation and what has been said from a neutral standpoint.

Are three guys on one team good or bad for the league?

Is that a real question? I mean how can these analysts say it is bad for the league? I agree it is bad for certain teams because all the power exist in one team, but bad for the league?  The buzz that this has already created is enormous! The ratings on LeBron’s “Decision” itself were higher than 95% of actual games and higher than when the Cavs played the Spurs in the Finals. This turns casual sports fans into blood sucking, give me my flat screen, and move over on my couch so I can watch this basketball game, type fans. When looking at it from an outside perspective I put it this way: Let’s say Melo was a free agent this summer along with Amare and they decided to join the Lakers (whom I dislike) with Kobe. The lineup would look something like:

1.       Steve Blake

2.       Kobe Bryant

3.       Carmelo Anthony

4.       Amare Stoudemire

5.       Pau Gasol

The reason I chose those players is because they would be the closest comparison to what the HEAT have. I would pay an extra $250 to order NBA league pass just to watch them play every night. Even though it is the Lakers, the opportunity to watch stars come together would be amazing. I would root against them most of the time, but how can someone not want to see that?

Will these three guys be able to mesh together?

People say that there’s a chance these guys talents will not mesh together. While that is a fair point because of the fact that Wade and LeBron have similar playing styles, what makes these guys so good is that there unselfish.  This past year Wade and LeBron were top 10 in assist, LeBron was 6th and Wade was 10th. The ball will have plenty of movement this season and meshing together will not be a problem at all.

Will the HEAT be able to fill out the roster?

When I hear people say “Oh this team isn’t going to contend until they get a good supporting cast”, I just have to laugh it off. I don’t care what two players in the league you add to this team, they would contend for a title. I am not saying that they would win it, but any two players added two the big 3 would still keep them as a contending team.

On another note, if Pat Riley can convince these players to come here and take less, convincing minimum players to come play will be cake. Rumors have it that Riley has already met with Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes, Juwan Howard, Mike Miller, and others. These clearly are not veteran minimum players, but would they take the minimum or close to it to play for the HEAT?

Will these three take major hits to their stats that they usually put up?

I don’t even know why this issue is brought up because statistics should not be a big deal as long as there winning. For the sake of the argument I would like to say that the only statistic that should take a hit is scoring. Every other category should go up: rebounds, assist, field goal percentage, etc.

Who is going to take the last shot?

What last shot? Seriously though, the HEAT are going to have so much pressure on them that realistically they should not have to win games by hitting a last second shot. If that situation arises and I was coach (which I am highly unqualified for) my plan would depend on which defender is on Wade and LeBron and choose the one with the weaker defense to run the play for. This doesn’t mean that the last shot would come from that person, but rather they would have the decision to shoot it or pass it out to another open teammate.

Dan Gilbert's comments?

WOW! I am not surprised that the owner felt this way, because I am sure most owners would be upset. Yet, to go about it the way he did and put out that public letter is just horrible on his part. I agree that the whole sit down “Decision” was uncalled for, but at the end of the day it won’t hurt LeBron. This absurd letter is not going to sound particularly pleasant to free agents who would have once considered the Cavaliers as a potential destination.  We all know if LeBron resigned we would not have heard a single word about him so called “quitting”, so to bring that up is just pure immaturity.

Quotes from fan night event!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the HEAT fan party where the big 3 were introduced. If there was anything to take away from what we heard it had to be some of the things these players said. To sum up what was said in my own words:

Wade: We will go down in history as the best trio ever

          I feel bad for whoever has to guard me and LeBron

LeBron: Want to win more than 7 championships

           Wade and I will practice so hard against each other, the games will be easy

Bosh: I’m going to get a rebound and look to my left and see LeBron, and then I'l look   to my right and see Wade