And The Haters Swirl In the Backdraft Created By King James.

Juicy JuiceContributor IJuly 10, 2010

Note to Lebron: Unprecedented acts from ones chosen may lead to wrongful persecution.

Note to haters: What the heck? This is going to be the best basketball ever!!

Note to Nike: Nice.

I simply cannot believe the outpouring of negative press regarding Lebron's decision.  Lebron's choice, like no other choice prior in the history of pro sports, shows a lack of selfishness, devotion to the sport itself, and willingness to make sacrifices for the greater good of a the team.  I love the NBA and believe it is second only to the NFL, with this move, maybe second to none. Miami heat basketball-- the greatest show on earth!!

And to the haters:  

First of all, Sir Charles, when did you become such a negative fool. Seems like you have taken a page out of ESPN's book, like, "I'm going get me some sound bites and say all kinds of sensational negative things." (Yeah you would have been a great public servant--drunk fool...)(Don't like MJ's stash well your mock turtle necks and food on your face on tv make me sick.) 

Charles please have some dignity. You say that Lebron's legacy will take a hit. (Thank you Yahoo sports for following up with that headline all freaking day.)  Please Chuck, Lebron is clearly the most athletically gifted player ever, what more does he have to prove other than championships? 

Case in point, Kevin Garnett, do you think Kevin wishes he had a time machine to reverse all those years fighting up hill for Minnesota. Hell yes. Garnett at 25 was dominate as could be, top salary, and was "the man" in Minnesota. Did it get him anywhere?-- no. Did he make a bad decision? I think he would say yes. Paul Gasol is younger and good, but not better than Garnett in his prime. Who has more rings? Seem fair? -- hell no.

Do you think Lebron would have faced the same situation in Cleveland? No question.

Plus Akron, while it is Lebron's home, ain’t big enough for arguably the greatest sports star on earth. Come on man, Akron, really. Dude has got to live, why not in South Beach with a close friend D. Wade. Heck, I am middle-tier professional, and I would not stay in Cleveland.

Everybody is saying Lebron should have stayed in the small market. Reggie was saying, oh a championship would have meant so much more in Cleveland, equivalent to 2 or 3 in Miami. Nonsense.

Lebron's legacy will not take a hit.

He just changed the sports world. (sociologically speaking, I believe, this is why the haters are abound) The Jordan era is over. Lebron has changed the game by joining D. Wade, and, in possibly the greatest way ever. It is unprecedented, unselfish, and crazy cool! It also says, guess what world, I can do whatever I want to. Can the league stop me? Can the money stop me? Can these washed-up last generation  talking head hoopers (who are going to be forgotten in five years) stop me? NO NO, and hell NO.

Lebron has enhanced his legacy. If you do not believe me wait to see.

Plus, let's do some simple logic. Is he a first ballot hall of famer without winning a title at 25? Yes. Only thing relevant now is championships. Which he will win because of this choice.

And you know what, good riddance to the Jordan era. Kobe ruined it anyway by being too much like him, freaking bizzaro-Jordan. Plain tired. Phil can stick that puppet up his 4ss. 24 right, (23 + 1) please. You ain’t getting six rings now.

And remember, Chuck (aka fool), Kobe got Shaq shipped out when he was ~25, only to loose his legs, and finally get a #2, Gasol, good enough to get a championship.  But Kobe was the "man" for these last two championships-- right. Truth is Gasol was on his way up and was satisfied with not being the "man." (Or in other words willing to put up with Kobe's pompous 4ss) See how stupid this is. Kobe wasted his prime years becase he had to be the "man." King James is a little savvier than that.

And remember this decision was born out of the Olympics. How awesome is that? I am so shocked how the press has spun this thing-- it's crazy.

Last but not least Dan Gilbert. I love the NBA and have been a fan for years. But before Lebron I did not know who the Cleveland Cavaliers were--literally. I remember thinking Cleveland has a team?-- what do their jerseys look like? Lebron treated your organization well, put you on the map, made you huge money, and this is how you repay him? Kobe would not have step foot in Cleveland. Lebron plays for 7 years and you go off like you got some right to him... You give executives a bad name. I suggest if you are really so upset, Dan Gilbert, shoot yourself in the face with a shotgun.  It will be less ugly than what you already done. Shame on you.