LeBron James Is Gone and I Love It

gary wertmanCorrespondent IJuly 9, 2010

GREENWICH, CT - JULY 08:  (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) LeBron James attends the LeBron James Pre Decision Meet and Greet on July 8, 2010 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Proceeds from tonight's 2.5 million dollar event will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Estabrook Group)
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

First let me say I'm a Cavs fan. As in Cleveland Cavaliers, not just one Cavalier, as in LeBron James.

I realize I'm in the minority but it's the way I feel. In James' seven season with the Cavs, they won no titles.

Most people will claim he had no talent around him. I say he was treated like the "King" he claims to be but couldn't win the big one.

James wants to be the "King" but wants players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to lean on. He has to have that.

He's not a Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordon or Larry Bird type player. Those guys made everyone around them better.

LeBron is about making LeBron better. He doesn't have a clue how to raise the level of his teammates.

James says Miami gives him the best chance of winning a championship. Championships are reserved for unselfish players who perform in the clutch. For LeBron's sake, he better have plenty of those type players in Miami.

I'm sure the Cavs will struggle to win games next season while James will win many in Miami. I'll still be rooting for the Cavs, maybe harder than ever.

After all, he will have Wade and Bosh to carry the team while LeBron takes care of LeBron.

For all the fans that rooted for Cleveland only because of Lebron, he's still playing, in Miami. To all the rest of the Cavs fans, there will still be a team Cleveland.