It Will Take More Than Wade. Bosh and Lebron To De-Throne The Lakers.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2010

If you're a Lakers fan and you're at all dismayed by the Bosh, Wade, James union you have nothing to fret over and heres why.

The pressure is on them not the Lakers, with this move they are expected to win a championship anything else would be a failure.

The Laker's don't even have to change there defensive scheme, Kobe does a pretty good job on Wade, Artest always slows downs James and between Gasol and Bynum I'm sure they can handle Bosh.

The Laker's still have the upper hand because neither of these players have proven that they can guard Kobe or Gasol.

Even history is against the trio, the vast majority of super alliances have failed in the NBA. Another thing they have going against them is chemistry.

With Wade dominating the ball in Miami, Lebron will have to play a more typical small forward roll, hit corner three's, and work the blocks.

He will have to do in the span of a off-season what he has fail to do his whole career with Cleveland. Play fundamental basketball. It can be done if he's willing to sacrifice numbers. Will he be wiling that is the question?

With the addition on Raja Bell if the Lakers actually make that happen they will be set for any team defensively.

He also brings the three point shooting L.A has been struggling with since the lost of Horry and Rick Fox.

At the end of the day L.A sits on the throne at the top of the mountain, Miami has made moves tochallenge the royal seat.

Now that they have made that move it should be a easier climb up the mountain, However, once they grace the top will they have enough to remove L.A for the throne?

I don't think so.