(He Who Must Not Be Named) Has Brought Back Idolatry

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIJuly 8, 2010

BOCA RATON, FL - JULY 08:  LeBron James announces he will join the Miami Heat during a televised interview as fans look on at Duffy's July 8, 2010 in Boca Raton, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

What has the sports world come to?

Today the now-infamous King now referred to as LeGone, LeBenedict Arnold, LeFavre James, and even LeQuit James has lost all respect as a basketball player and as a human being.

Who knew so many names could come upon a two-time MVP?

I think it's safe to say that the King will never be able to throne himself among the greats of the game.

People in Miami are thrilled to have been gifted with three superstars with Bosh, (You Know Who), and the hometown favorite D-Wade.

People in Cleveland are burning their past and their so called "future." Cleveland fans have removed the name LeBron James from their vocabulary and have ridden themselves from the now infamous number 23. Cleveland can at least be happy that they don't have to experience more of what North Koreans have been experiencing their whole lives.

And we all know how the Big Apple and Chicago are feeling, so let's not go in detail.

July 8, 2010 will be remembered as the day that (You Know Who) dethroned his own greatness and overtook Kim Jong-Il as the biggest idol in the world today, not the day that (You Know Who) arrived in South Beach.

You really have to feel for the city of Akron, Ohio and Cleveland as a whole. This egotistical man single-handedly ruined this franchise's future in a cruel hour long special on the "tear dropping" story about (You Know Who's) highs and lows of this year's off-season. This decision will dramatically effect their economy and their feelings about the basketball world. As Michael Wilbon basically asked (He Who Must Not Be Named), “LeBron, do you understand how your decision will effect Cleveland?”

This so called event even titled "The Decision" with commercials ran by (You Know Who) and the desired location by (You Know Who) should go down as the most egotistical show in the history of the sports world.

All the NBA analysts could do was sit and wait repeating themselves about the jaw-dropping experience they have been put through. Michael Wilbon's face was priceless. It looked as though he was ashamed to be part of such an unspeakable act of selfishness, and I don't blame him one bit. This was by far the biggest pile of garbage I have ever watched.

Don't worry though, (You Know Who) will receive the worst punishment of all. That is the cruelty of reality. Just because you are put with two other great players does not mean that you are guaranteed a championship. The 2004 Laker team proved this. Though the Lakers team consisting of four hall of famers: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'neal, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton made the playoffs, they were denied by a defensive-oriented Pistons team that had one star by the name of Rip Hamilton.

Teams like Orlando and a Carlos Boozer-led Chicago team still have a chance to contend for the Eastern Conference in the 2010-2011 season.

After all this, the Lakers are still the favorites going into next year's season.

Why couldn't (You Know Who) just keep it simple and real like Kevin Durant?

‎"Extension for 5 more years wit the #thunder....God Is Great, me and my family came a long way...I love yall man forreal, this a blessing!"—Kevin Durant

Here's the point: Even I watched the hour long special on LeBron James today. Yes, I sat there from 6pm-7pm watching LeBron trying hard not to smile. We as sports fans should try and use today as a lesson. People like LeGone are not to be trusted. LeQuit will now merely be a good player making ESPN Top Ten plays as he usually does, and if something like this ever comes up again, it is our duty to deny these ego maniacs and just say no.

LeFake, have fun in South Beach, and forget Akron, Ohio because your house is probably being burned down as we speak. "You are now dead to us," says one Cleveland Fan.

God must be rolling over his tomb. Idolatry has come back once again but to the sports world this time.