Orchestrated LeBron Circus Primes Cleveland for the Return of Its King

Adrian V.Correspondent IJuly 8, 2010

Hey, did you hear LeBron James is going to the Chicago Bulls?

Yeah, the NBA Store was selling a Bulls jersey with the No. 6.

Oh, that was just a hoax...

Hey, did you hear LeBron spent an extra 15 minutes speaking to Jay-Z in private when the rapper and other New Jersey Nets representatives came to visit?

Uh, I think they were discussing Drake and whether Antoine Fuqua's "Brooklyn's Finest" was worth seeing.

Hey, did you hear LeBron will be announcing his new team from a Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is a suburb of New York City?

Yeah, his buddy Carmelo Anthony is getting married in NYC on Saturday, so LeBron is in town for that.

Oh, my God, did you hear? There's a report LeBron will join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.  It's supposedly a done deal.

Really? How do you know? 

Several sources are reporting it.

And this is where we currently stand.

Really, after all of this drama and madness—yes, that's exactly what it is: madness —I don't know whom or what I'm going to hate on the most: LeBron for creating this freak show, the reckless journalists feeding it, or will it simply be the word, "source," which, after this, will have a new definition: an over-emotional and loose-lipped person eager to bless a reporter-buddy with a golden nugget of "insider" information that cannot and will not be verified.

Thanks, but really, keep your damn sources. None of them are worth squat anyhow.

The one tried and true practice that always seems to prevail in such scenarios of chaotic misinformation is the application of common sense. Remember Mrs. Common Sense? Apparently, she's on hiatus right now or on the Camp LeBron payroll to stay hush.

Common sense.

Let's start with the Cavaliers organization having not made a single peep throughout this ordeal.

Isn't that interesting?

If LeBron's exit to Miami is so set in stone, as ESPN puppets Chris Broussard and Stephen A. Smith continue to reiterate, why in the world haven't the Cavs and their owner Dan Gilbert made one comment?

The city of Cleveland is preparing for a riot as we speak, and nobody in their team's camp is saying anything.

Meanwhile, we've been led to believe by Camp LeBron, via the manipulation of the press, that Lebron is going everywhere and anywhere but Cleveland.

Good luck finding a non-Cavaliers fan out there who believes he's staying put. The very few of us even considering his return are like endangered species at this point.

I can't help but feel this is exactly what LeBron wants. This suspense is all part of the show.

This isn't about money. This isn't even about winning. If LeBron wanted to win and was willing to join Wade and Bosh, why wouldn't he just figure out a simple sign-and-trade with San Antonio for Tony Parker? Or to the Chicago Bulls? Or the Oklahoma City Thunder? Or really just about any team on the cusp of competing for a title?

I don't buy the whole, "He wants to play with his homies" argument.

The money is in Cleveland. The winning he can get anywhere. The weather isn't important.

This is all about LeBron.

And by staying with the Cavaliers, he will have power he won't get with any other franchise, including a say in every move the team makes. He will make July 8 a state holiday called, "LeBron Day." He will ensure a future job as the city's mayor, and maybe even become a lock for governor or senator.

He will solidify in bedrock his stature as one of Ohio's most significant and influential figures in history.

He will be considered by many as the return of Jesus...in the flesh!     

And we believe LeBron is going to walk away from all of this for what?

Cash? Rings? Beaches? Bright lights?

Hell, even basketball ?

Make no mistake, this is all about the deification of LeBron James. And everything we'll hear prior to the words that exit his mouth tonight is nothing more than the distraction needed to set the stage.

A man needs a kingdom in order to be King. 

Tonight, King James will win over his people.