Can I Get a Witness? LeBron James to Join Superteam of Wade and Bosh in Miami

Steve SmithSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2010

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Okay, we’re only hours away now from the biggest moment in NBA history.

I know that sounds trite, and if many of the articles on Bleacher Report are an indication, it’s probably something many fans around the league will disagree with out of nothing more than spite.

To them, LeBron James announcing where he’ll play this coming year in an hour-long press conference being aired exclusively by ESPN seems way over-the-top, and is indicative of LeBron James’ massive ego.

I’ll agree on both points.

Yet, it’s still the biggest moment in NBA history, or rather, has the potential to be.

Certainly there’s an outside shot LeBron will announce he’s remaining in Cleveland. No one can ever discount the power of guilt, and that’s what the Cavs and their fans have hanging over James.

Cleveland doesn’t offer him the best chance at winning a title. Hell, they couldn’t even get to the Eastern Conference Finals, despite their gaudy regular season record.

Like Neo from The Matrix  was told by Trinity  (and I’m paraphrasing), LeBron’s been down that road before, and he knows where it leads. It definitely doesn’t lead to a ring.

Yet, the chance still remains that guilt over not bringing his hometown fans a title, and breaking the curse of Cleveland might just force LeBron to take on the hopeless challenge.

All indications are that’s not gonna happen, though. Chris Broussard of ESPN has reported LeBron going to the Miami Heat to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form what I coined the “South Beach Superteam,” and I don’t see a little guilt stopping LeBron from seeing reason.

Long before Stephen A. Smith said the Superteam was a “lock,” I had posited the formation of a team in Miami made up of Wade, Bosh, and LeBron. In fact, my first article written on Bleacher Report was about how I believe Pat Riley was intent on bringing LeBron James to Miami.

Of course, back then, when all indications were the salary cap would decline drastically, I had no way of dreaming Miami would be able to sign LeBron and Bosh.

Still, I was ahead of the curve even on that call, stating to many people I felt Riley was heading in that direction, long before Stephen A. Smith went on air to state the same thing.

And what did I get for my trouble? Scorn. Ridicule. Abuse.

Not that I’m whining or anything. Hell, I fully expected it. I knew most people would laugh in my face when I said I thought Riley was on the verge of putting together a team for the ages.

And that’s precisely what they did.

Despite all the logic and reason I tried to use to expound on how it wasn’t just possible, but probable, every single person I said it to, laughed in my face, spouting this or that reason why that just could never happen.

I would calmly try and explain to them why and how it could, and would be further derided.

I received pretty much the same treatment from almost all Bleacher Report readers and writers, most of whom endlessly wrote nonsense about how I was the biggest loser on the planet for even having such a fantasy.

They would roll out this or that reason to try and convince me I was insane. They would say Miami didn’t have the cap space, and would ignore me when I calmly said they did.

They would say LeBron and Wade could never play together because of their egos, and would ignore me every time I gave them a quote from those same players that debunked such tripe, or pointed out how well they’d played together on the Olympics team as well as All-Star teams.

They would say Miami isn’t as great a destination as Chicago, New York, or other places, ignoring my arguments that Miami was a fabulous city, in a state with no income tax (definitely a major selling point).

All of their arguments, though, appear to have been nothing but fluff and foolishness, as I knew they were all along.

I’m only wondering if many of these same people will now reassess themselves, or will they go on thinking they’re incredibly knowledgeable about basketball and the NBA. For in my view, most of them don’t know diddly-squat, and what this 2010 NBA Free Agency Bonanza has done is proven that.

Of course, I won’t hold my breath waiting on any of them to have an epiphany about their lack of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to basketball and sports. Most of them have egos ten times larger than LeBron James’.

Still, it would be nice if some of them would acknowledge just how wrong they were.

It would make me feel a little less cynical about many of the writers here on B/R, quite a number of which I’ve lost all respect for throughout this process.

Regardless of whether they man up and come to grips with their own shortcomings, and regardless of whether my final statement in this article is completely ignored, as I think it might be, I’ll still be fine.

It’s almost a certainty that Miami is landing LeBron James. It’s now almost a done deal that the “South Beach Superteam” will be formed.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Riley will surround those three (along with Beasley and Chalmers) with a great cast of veterans willing to play for the vet minimum. Whether Shaq comes back (as I believe he will) or not, isn’t relevant. What is relevant is that Miami has the makings of a dynasty like none other we’ve ever seen in any sport.

I called this as happening before anyone as far as I can see. For that, I took abuse, gladly.

I was right along along. CAN I GET A WITNESS?


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